Rockwood Gives Back Program Alters Donation Guidelines

Thomas Powell | Of The Talon staff

In light of the spread of COVID-19, The Rockwood Gives Back Program has been forced to accept limited donations. 

In the past, The Rockwood Gives Back Program has assisted families and organizations as well as recently holding their first 5k to raise awareness of their program. However, because of COVID-19, committee member Jaime Bayes said the program has stopped accepting certain contributions.

“We are not accepting donations of used items such as furniture, clothing, and household goods items at this time. We are only collecting new items,” Bayes said.

However, anyone can still donate without leaving their house due to the program having an Amazon wish list with their most needed items. The Amazon wish list can be found at

Alongside that, Bayes said the program has had to alter some of their routines because of COVID-19.  

“We are continuing to help families with immediate physical needs from The Giving Place but the process has changed to keep people out of our buildings. Instead, we are pulling the items for the social workers and leaving them out front to pick up, allowing all of us to keep our distance and keep our rooms and items as sanitary as possible,” Bayes said.

Bayes also said that in these current times, it’s a bit more challenging to get items to families but still possible because of their members.

“Our social workers are heroes, making sure that they can find a way to get the items to whoever needs them,” Bayes said.

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