Tennis Court Reconstruction Started

Gabe Sasser | Of The Talon staff

With the tennis courts in no condition for match play, replacement of the courts has started and is set to be done by fall of 2020.

Girls and boys tennis coach Kevi Harwood said the new courts will require a full renovation.

“They are going to take all the fences out, tear the wall down, and put everything back in brand new,” Harwood said.

Activities Director Mitch Lefkowitz said the courts are hard to play matches on at the moment because of the current state that they are in.

“When we do [play matches] we’re limited to the courts we can use because of the condition of some of them,” Lefkowitz said.

Junior Hailey Bosek said the courts have created unfair points with dead spots and cracks that change the bounce of the ball.

“It affects my game especially when an opponent has a really good serve. They can always go and hit the fault line that is in the courts so I can never get their serve because the ball doesn’t bounce when it hits that specific line. It happens all the time when the ball hits a crack or a fault or something that’s wrong in the court,” Bosek said.

Bosek also said that even when a bad bounce happens or the ball gets stopped on the court, the point still counts which creates unfair matches.

“It happens all the time when the ball hits a crack or a fault or something that’s wrong in the court. Some of the courts can’t even be played on so it definitely messes up the score and you cannot replay the point. [When those instances happen,] the point is done so you can lose multiple points just because of the point you were playing on. It’s just unfair within itself,” Bosek said.

Director of Facilities Chris Freund said that the tennis courts have not been reconstructed since the school’s opening.

“The current tennis court system was installed when the campus was constructed. It has not been renovated other than required repairs as necessary,” Freund said.

Freund also said members that are working on this project include the school’s staff, a civil engineer, a certified tennis court builder, and Rockwood School District facilities staff. The courts will be around $700,000 total, and the money needed to do the renovations took planning with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and former Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost.

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