CDC Guidelines Force Spring Break Alterations

Mary Leibrecht | Photo Editor

For many students, Spring Break 2020 turned out quite different than anticipated. Flight cancellations, resort and hotel closures, and beach shutdowns ceased the fun for some. 

For my own spring break, I visited Fort Myers Beach in Florida. I had planned on staying with two of my friends for the full week. However, the first day that I arrived in Florida, I got a call from one of my friends saying that due to the spread of Coronavirus, he had to cancel his flight. Later that day, I found out that my other friend’s parents were making her drive home early.  Every day during spring break our national crisis seemed to get worse and more serious; more information was being spread and positive cases skyrocketed. Many of these coastal cities benefit from the spring break travel season and depend upon that income. Within a few days of being on the island, the CDC required almost all stores, restaurants, and the beach to be closed. Many people had to cancel their trips altogether. However, many people like myself were already on their trips and found out about the new public guidelines from the CDC while away from home and family. It’s safe to say that many of us didn’t get the spring break we envisioned, but it’s definitely one that we will never forget.

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