Students Return to Decade-Old Video Game During Quarantine

Rohit Khanolkar | Business Manager

In wake of the nation-wide quarantine caused by the spread of the coronavirus, many older video games have made a return.

A large amount of free time has accumulated as a result of this quarantine, and many students have used this time to relax and play video games with their friends. With so many people now at home, many games have started to “come back,” as they have regained popularity. Games like Minecraft have seen an increase in the overall number of players than it had before the quarantine.

Senior Andy Hinkamp said he believes that people got tired of playing the typical trending games, which is why older games regained popularity. 

“I think a lot of people got bored or annoyed with a game like Fortnite, and it’s fun to play a more relaxed game like Minecraft where you don’t have to necessarily try as hard,” Hinkamp said.  

Senior Gabe Coleman said he started playing Minecraft because his friends started playing and that it’s more entertaining to play with other people than most other games.

“I have been playing a lot of Minecraft because my friend made a realm and I now have a lot more free time. Minecraft is more fun than other games if you are playing with other people, and there is no real limit to the number of people that can play at one time,” Coleman said. In addition to Minecraft, several newer games have become popular. Call of Duty’s newest addition called Warzone, a Battle Royale, is a popular game amongst students. With over 30 million players the first week after its March 10 release, it’s had a steady but slower increase in players since.

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