Reflecting on Early Graduation

Bridget Reichmuth

This past December, students who met the minimum graduation requirements were able to graduate early and only complete one semester of their senior year. 

Students may choose to graduate early for a variety of reasons and all have their own opinions, thoughts, and feelings about their ultimate decision. Senior Madeline Tuohy was one of several students who made the decision to graduate early from their high school career.

“I decided to graduate early mainly because I was ready for the next chapter. I am glad that I graduated early especially now because online classes are not very appealing to me. I am happy that I graduated early,” Tuohy said. 

Each student has their own set of reasons as to why they ultimately made the decision to graduate early. Senior Alexis Cross was among one of those students.

“I am happy with the decision I made. I graduated early to not only start my life faster but to figure out what I want to do and possibly go to college quicker,” Cross said. 

As a result of the shortened duration of their high school years, students must not only receive the minimum amount of credit to graduate but also must take two language arts classes during their first semester of senior year. With the requirement in mind, Tuohy said that her school course load and the classes that she chose to take were not very impacted by her decision to graduate early.

“Honestly having enough credits going into the senior year allowed me still to take the classes I wanted and have a relaxed senior year,” Tuohy said. 

In getting to graduate early, students are still required to work full time, do a work/college combo, or enlist in the military for this option to be available.

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