The happiest place on earth

Homecoming week is always filled with multiple events including powderpuff, lunch games, pep rally, parade, as well as the dance itself.

Freshman Chloe Ceballos said that her first Homecoming was a fun time and that she had a very positive experience.

“The social part was really fun and I really enjoyed the theme week and all the activities along with it including the pep rallies. I really heard no negativity, I would say most of the freshman enjoyed their first homecoming,” Ceballos said.

Many other students also said they enjoyed Homecoming this year compared to others, including junior Jayden Naum. She said this year was especially better because she went with a date.

“Homecoming this year was better for me because going with a date was very fun and all the friends that I had there that actually came to the dance this year made it fun as well,” Naum said.

Along with Naum, her date junior Lukas Hummel said this year was more fun than previous years.

“I feel like this was one of my favorite homecomings because I actually had a true date and I feel like this was more fun than previous years,” Hummel said.

As for Queen and King, seniors Kaitlin Higgins and Dylan Conner were awarded crown at the dance. Conner said he was surprised he won Homecoming King.

“I kind of didn’t expect to win. Honestly, I’ve never been on court before but it was cool to be on court especially with Kaitlin,” Conner said. “I was definitely surprised to win king because there were people on court like (senior) Jacob Brunsman who have been on there before and I thought he would win.”

Higgins said she would have been nervous if Conner wasn’t there with her.

“I would have been so much more nervous if Dylan wasn’t there with me,” Higgins said. “When I won I just turned to Dylan and I was like ‘Oh my gosh we won.’”