Teacher Jill Grimshaw and freshman Hayden Grimshaw embrace. This year, Jill taught Hayden in her gym class. (Lily Maginn)
Teacher Jill Grimshaw and freshman Hayden Grimshaw embrace. This year, Jill taught Hayden in her gym class.

Lily Maginn

Grimshaw sisters take on Summit

March 30, 2023

PE teacher Jill Grimshaw is a Rockwood Summit alumni who will be teaching her younger sister, freshman Hayden Grimshaw, in PFW next semester.

Jill said that she enjoys coming back to teach at Summit because she is comfortable with the school and the only thing she needs is to develop bonds with coworkers and students.

“It’s great to come back here. My favorite part about it is coming in as a first year teacher last year was being able to know where everything was. It took away a huge stresser of not knowing who to call or where things are, and already feeling comfortable in my classroom. All I really had to worry about was making relationships and connections with students and other staff members,” Jill said.

Jill also said that she has planned to come back and teach at Summit since she graduated and she’s super lucky to have gotten this opportunity.

I actually said to [principal] Dr. [Emily] McCown when I graduated that I was going to come back here and teach just because I loved Summit so much. I have so much Falcon pride! It was randomly the first job available and I got super lucky that I was able to interview and accept the job.

— PE teacher Jill Grimshaw

Hayden said that despite coming from a long line of teachers, she isn’t interested in it as a profession.

“I don’t want to become a teacher. Teaching runs in my family. My dad, uncle, aunt, cousin, sister, and sister in law are all teachers,” Hayden said.

Hayden said that it is nice to have Jill here because she can use her office and she can help answer any questions she might have.

“The benefits of having her here at school are probably getting to put my stuff in her office. I also get to go to her for all of my questions,” Hayden said.

Jill said she has coached Hayden in field hockey from time to time and it was hard to provide feedback that would be taken into consideration.

“She played on my team for a few games on field hockey and she did not like that at all. She did not like my feedback that I had to give her,” Jill said.

Hayden said that sometimes it can be hard to be attentive and to adhere to things that Jill says.

“Some of the drawbacks of having her as a teacher or coach are that I don’t really listen to her when she’s talking to me,” Hayden said.

Despite this, Jill said she is looking forward to having Hayden in her class because it will make the class more carefree.

“So having her as a student I’m excited about because I know that she will make my class a little bit more lighthearted, but also she’s gonna be really sassy,“ Jill said.

Hayden said she is excited to have her as a teacher and not a coach because they both enjoy having fun with each other.

“I am lucky that I didn’t get her as a coach but getting her as a teacher will be fun because we are silly and we like to have fun with each other,“ Hayden said.

Hayden said that being in Jill’s class will be different from others because they are super comfortable with each other.

“It will be different having my sister as a teacher because I would feel a lot more comfortable and I will probably be more talkative,” Hayden said.

Jill said that one of the biggest reasons she moved out this year was so Hayden and her could have some time apart.

“We did live together last year. She was in middle school while I was living at home so it was fine. I decided to move out. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to move out was so we could have some time away from each other. So we weren’t spending every moment of our day together,” Jill said.

Jill said that the car ride home from practice is always unpredictable with Hayden in the car.

“I drive her home after practice everyday. It’s so fun. She rants, I rant, sometimes we cry, sometimes we will just scream, sometimes we get into a fight. It really just depends on the day,” Jill said.

Jill said if she had to give one piece of advice to her sister she would tell her to make the most of school and be involved.

“Definitely get involved. Caring about your academics, your friendships, getting involved, and just making the most of your time in high school is super important.”


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