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Everyday students run to their cars at 3:17 in hopes of getting home before the parking lot traffic. Junior Tejus Krishnan sprints to his car amongst other students.
Summit's parking lot epidemic
Raghed Hadi, Photo Editor • April 3, 2024
Social media has lasting impacts on teens
Madison Springett, Editor-in-Chief • April 3, 2024
A look into the hair bow renaissance
Mary Corkery, News Editor • March 31, 2024
Demanding the water, the Man in the Yellow Suit (junior Oliver Stratton) holds Winnie (junior Faith Roberts) at gun point. The musical took place March 7-9.
Falcon Players bring Tuck Everlasting to stage
Mary Corkery, News Editor • March 29, 2024
Hot and Cold
Skylar Holtgrewe, Of The Talon Staff • March 1, 2024
The problem with legacy admissions
Mary Corkery, News Editor • February 2, 2024
Should students grade their teachers?
Madison Springett, Editor-in-Chief • February 2, 2024
Playlist recommendations: Dreampop
Playlist recommendations: Dreampop
Abbott Lackey, Layout Editor • January 23, 2024
Student voice in the Board of Education
Mary Corkery, News Editor • December 18, 2023

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Participation and engagement in schools
Madison Springett, Editor-in-Chief • October 25, 2023
Creating your own path through high school
Abby Glenn, of the Talon staff • October 25, 2023
Social and emotional learning in schools
Madison Springett, Editor-in-Chief • September 25, 2023
Coping with a home team that can't win
Mary Corkery, News Editor • September 25, 2023

March 30 was a day of hope for the metro area. The St. Louis Cardinals had played an exhilarating season in 2022, taking first place in the National...

Is Chat GPT the future?
Is Chat GPT the future?
Taylor Spencer, Editor-In-Chief • March 31, 2023

ChatGPT is an Automated Intelligence (AI) chatbot released in late November of 2022 that was designed to respond to natural text in a human-like...

Daylight Saving time should become the standard
Mary Corkery, News Editor • March 30, 2023

The second Sunday in March is annually dreaded by Americans everywhere. While the country sleeps, the clocks spring forward at 2 AM, bringing...

New year, new Talon
New year, new Talon
Taylor Spencer, Editor-In-Chief • March 2, 2023

Some of you may have noticed that we hadn’t put out a paper for the month of January. Although we planned to publish our regular monthly edition,...

Who's really the problem?
Raghed Hadi, Photo Editor • February 24, 2023

Every Feb. 14 since 270 CE has been celebrated as Valentine's Day. Many single people believe (are in denial) that Valentine’s Day is a corporate...

Post-break stretch is the ultimate trial
Mary Corkery, News Editor • December 21, 2022

There is something different about walking into school the Monday after winter break. Everything feels sort of new. A new year brings new...

Report all threats to help keep school safe
Taylor Spencer, Editor-In-Chief • December 21, 2022

School shootings have become incredibly prevalent in society. It has become customary to see new shootings and threats on the news. According...

Remain cautious of false info on social media
Taylor Spencer, Editor-In-Chief • November 30, 2022
The Talon urges individuals to remain vigilant when scrolling through social media, doubling checking posts one may see so they do not participate in the spreading of misinformation.
How early is too early?
Mary Corkery, News Editor • November 30, 2022

The holiday season is a unique time of year. From person to person, the celebrations and traditions of this season are incredibly varied. However,...

Yes, you will use this in the real world
Mary Corkery, News Editor • October 31, 2022

Each subject has its own unique characteristics, but they all seem to be plagued by at least one kid who will groan at the end of class and ask...

District removes six titles due to new law
Taylor Spencer, Editor-In-Chief • October 31, 2022

Rockwood School District has removed 22 books, the most of any school district in the Missouri area, in response to the passing of a new Missouri...

Let's do homecoming right this year
Mary Corkery, News Editor • September 30, 2022

Homecoming is a staple of the back to school season. Practically everyone has a part of the tradition that they eagerly wait for, whether...