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With help from health teacher Christine Hohlt, sophomore Leila Miller creates a sensory bottle during wellness lab on Oct. 10. A variety of activities  were offered by teachers like Hohlt the week of Oct. 9.
Teachers offer wellness labs during Ac Lab
Madison Springett, Editor-in-Chief • October 25, 2023

The week following homecoming, wellness labs became available to all students during Academic Lab time, ranging from taking a walk outside to...

As he hypes up the student section, freshman Sam Hill cheers with his teammates. The Homecoming Pep Rally took place on Oct. 6 in the Athletic Fieldhouse.
Male representation in cheer
Lily Maginn, Features Editor • October 25, 2023

For the first time since 2017, a male cheerleader has joined the squad. Freshman Sam Hill said he was apprehensive about cheerleading try-outs...

1. Sophomore Isabel Duan, Sophomore Sarah Hou, Sophomore
Moriah Hayibor 2. Junior Sienna Walton 3. Senior Margaret
Schnieders, Senior Eva Gianino 4. PE Teacher Jill Grimshaw 5.
Freshman Emily Perone, RSHS Alumna Ashley Perone, Language
Arts teacher Jennifer Perone, Senior Natalie Perone, RSHS Alumna
Lauren Perone 6. Senior Jenna Elmore 7. Senior Paige Lehman
8. Junior Faith Roberts, Bethany Miles of Fort Zumwalt South 9.
Junior Reid Sweeney (all photos used with permission)
The Eras Tour
Lily Maginn and Sonya Phillips September 25, 2023

Pre Sale Many Taylor Swift fans, also known as Swifties, survived the great war that was the Ticketmaster presale. The devoted fans filed...

District partners with St. Louis Mosaic Project
Mary Corkery, News Editor • October 25, 2023
Aspiring artists pursue their passions
Sonya Phillips, Business Manager • October 25, 2023
New Hands-Free Law put into place
Madison Springett, Editor-in-Chief • September 25, 2023
Students travel around the world
Raghed Hadi, Photo Editor • September 25, 2023
Students acknowledge impactful teachers
Raghed Hadi, Photo Editor • May 25, 2023
Sophomores start workout supplement brand
Kamryn Samlalsingh, Sports Editor • May 24, 2023
Seniors reflect as high school nears its end
Audrey DaVault, Layout Editor • April 27, 2023
O’Daniel’s second version of packaging his barbecue
sauce. He packaged the sauces to sell to family and
friends. (Photo used with permission by James O’Daniel)
Science teacher makes barbecue sauce
Audrey DaVault, Of The Talon staff • March 30, 2023
Foods classes provide cooking experience
Audrey DaVault, Layout Editor • March 30, 2023
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