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As members of the treble choir, (from left to right) freshmen Lauren Laffleur, Lamar Alrubayie, Ella Gettemeier, and Lillian Lane perform as a quartet. at their fall concert. The concert was held on Oct. 16.

Choir reflects upon the year’s performances

The choir held concerts throughout the year, participated in festivals, and were scored for sight reading aswell as their singing. 

Choir teacher Claire Minnis said this year the choir was able to travel, perform at festivals, and have had many new students join. 

“This year, we were able to resume a lot of events we love doing! We traveled as a choir to Branson, we performed at MSHSAA Music Festival, and we recruited so many new singers that our choirs have more than doubled in size for next year,” Minnis said.

Senior Alexander Kluempers said that when the choir went to festival competitions this year, they did well and prepared by practing and sightreading, 

“We went to [a] festival competition this year, but the choirs did really well, earning a two grade, or above average grading. Preparing for the competitions, we practiced our sight reading as well as our pieces of music, ‘Ubi Caritas’ and ‘Sing, Sing,’” Kluempers said.

The choir chose to participate in competitions where they earned ratings instead of rankings agaisnt other choirs, Minnis said.

“Instead of participating in competitions where we receive placings against other choirs, we participate in festivals where we receive ratings for our performances. We received Superior and Outstanding ratings at multiple large-group and solo/small-group festivals throughout this school year,” Minnis said.

Senior Ryan Kempf said that aswell as having concerts throughout the year, they went to Branosn and opened for a live performance. 

“In addition to our fall, winter, MIOS, and spring concerts, we went on a caroling tour and took a weekend trip to Branson to open for the On Stage Live performance. Some students even participated in Solo/Ensemble Festival and qualified for All-District Choir,” Kempf said. 

Students who made All-District Choir, such as Sophia Bradshaw, also had a performance this year. Bradshaw said she enjoyed performing alongside other passionate students.

“For All-District choir we met a couple times to sing together, then the final day of the performance we practiced for several hours before the performance later that afternoon. It was a great experience being around others who also wanted to sing and everyone sounded amazing. It was definitely a worthwhile experience,” Bradshaw said. 

Bradshaw explains that while other students were nervous about having a new teacher after former choir teacher Angela Rice retired, Minnis has done a great job. 

“I know a lot of people were scared about having a new teacher after Mrs. Rice retired, but Mrs. Minnis has been wonderful. She came in at the beginning of the year with limitless energy and has since worked with us to improve. She lets us pick our music and really encourages everyone to put themselves out there,” Bradshaw said.

Minnis said that to prepare for their performances, they continuously sing during class and they constantly work to be the best they can be. 

“We are constantly singing during our class periods. We are warming up our voices, sight-reading new music, and mastering all of our chosen literature. It takes a lot of energy and skill to sing well, and we are constantly doing the work to get there,” Minnis said.

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