Students perform at teacher’s wedding


Junior Blaine Baker, sophomore Minko Brown, senior Ethan Holtzman, science teacher Angela Schneider, and seniors Eddie Cassimatis and Abby Skelly hold up their instruments at the wedding, help April 2nd. (Photo used with the permission of Angela Schneider)

Kavya Ramesh, Associate Editor

Science teacher Angela Schneider had students play music for her wedding as a way to incorporate her students into her wedding day on April 2.

Seniors Ethan Holtzman, Abby Skelly, Eddie Cassimatis, junior Blaine Baker, and sophomore Minko Brown were members of the brass quintet who played at Schneider’s wedding. Holtzman plays the French Horn, Skelly plays the trombone, Cassimatis plays the tuba, and both Brown and Baker play the trumpet. 

Schneider said that she was really happy with the quintet as many members of her family told her they were a hit, and she thought it would be special and fun to include her students in her wedding. 

“Being a teacher at Rockwood Summit is a huge part of my life. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life and I’m glad that some of my students got to be part of that memory. I am incredibly grateful to [Holtzman] for organizing everything and I’m so glad that some of my students got to be part of my special day,” Schneider said.

After practicing a lot together, Holtzman said performing at Schneider’s wedding was very exciting and he ensured everything turned out perfect

“I was very excited to be asked to pay at her wedding. It was a little nerve-wracking because we didn’t want to ruin her wedding, so we got together and practiced a lot in order to make sure that we were doing our part,” Holtzman said.