At the PRISMA meeting on April 20, freshmen Salem, Aiden White-Lenard, Alexander, and
Raine Vanderheyden listen to club sponsor Ivy Hartman talk about the National Day of Silence.
Students and staff were invited to take a vow of silence on April 22.
LGBTQIA+ community takes vow of silence
Taya Abraham, Feature Editor • April 28, 2022

The National Day of Silence is a student-led demonstration where LGBTQIA+ students and allies around the country take a vow of silence on April 22.  The observation began in the mid 90’s by two college...

Dr. Curtis Cain earns the Superintendent of the Year award at the American Association of School Administrators. The ceremony took place on Feb. 17. (Photo used with permission by AASA.)
New superintendent wins SOY
Carrie Sandler, Editor-in-cheif • March 31, 2022

New superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain was named the Superintendent of the Year on Feb. 17. Not only was Cain the winner of this award, but he was also the first superintendent from Missouri to win. Cain...

Success in the Sun
Mary Corkery, Of The Talon staff • April 29, 2022

The track and field teams participated in the Corey Siebert Invitational on April 16, with girls...

The annual Battle of the Bones competition took place on April 9 as sophmores Claire McCarthy, Natalie Perone, and Meredith Fisher eat wings to help lead the girls
soccer program to victory against the boys baseball program. “Not gonna lie, it was a bit disturbing to watch, and I won’t likely be eating wings for some time,” judge
Mary Jo Bauer said.
Battle of the Bones returns
Matia Puljic, Sports Editor • April 29, 2022

At the annual Battle of the Bones competition, girls soccer defeated boys baseball on April 9.  Junior...

Senior Rylie Morris pushes past Ellie Paloucek of
Webster as she recives the ball from junior Megan
Larocque. The girls soccer team defeated Webster
Groves 2-1 at home on April 19.
Falcons edge past Statesman 2-1
Carrie Sandler, Editor-in-chief • April 29, 2022

Girls soccer accumulated their second win against the Webster Groves Statesmen on April 19. The Falcons...

Where has the spirit gone?
Taylor Spencer, News Editor • April 29, 2022

Walking through the halls, one wouldn’t think anything is amiss. Other than the few outliers wearing similar clothing that can typically be chalked up to a coincidence. The only thing that differentiates...

Fighting for field space
Carrie Sandler, Editor-in-cheif • April 29, 2022

By having spring sports in full swing, teams struggle to find space in order to host practices due to conflicts of games, weather, or alternative complications. This can implicate tension between teams...

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