Battle of the Bones returns

Girls soccer defeats boys baseball at wing eating-competition


Matia Puljic

The annual Battle of the Bones competition took place on April 9 as sophmores Claire McCarthy, Natalie Perone, and Meredith Fisher eat wings to help lead the girls soccer program to victory against the boys baseball program. “Not gonna lie, it was a bit disturbing to watch, and I won’t likely be eating wings for some time,” judge Mary Jo Bauer said.

Matia Puljic, Sports Editor

At the annual Battle of the Bones competition, girls soccer defeated boys baseball on April 9. 

Junior Tori Bridges says that this year’s Battle of The Bones was specifically really exciting because the girls won, and it was cool that this event was held in the gym for the first time. 

“This year we actually got to be inside which was a lot better because we all got to hang out in the halls, but it also made it a lot harder to cheat,” Bridges said. “I didn’t know if we would win, there is cheating every year so it just depends on who cheats better. When I saw how fast our wings were going and I knew at that point we were going to win.” 

Boys baseball coach Jason Schneider says that he believes that the annual event was very enjoyable, as it brought both of the programs together.

“The event was a ton of fun. It looked like all the players really enjoyed it so therefore, it was a success,” Schneider said. “I love when we do Battle of the Bones because it brings together both programs and even more people from the community. It is a fun way to compete and enjoy being around other players/coaches/families besides our games.”

Moreover, girls soccer coach Eric Hill said that he thought the event was a hit, but he also said that he never doubted the girls soccer program for a second, as they always pull through. He said that the plans for Battle of the Bones in the future are endless and ever-changing. 

“It’s always fun to see who pulls out the win but the real winners are each student-athlete and their parents. The boys baseball team always does a fantastic job of competing at Battle of the Bones but my money is always on the girls players,” Hill said. “It means a lot to see two programs come together and create a fun night in the name of fun. I hope this is something that continues to get better as the years go on.  Maybe an alumni round?” 

Senior Joey Reichmuth says that this year’s event was way better than last year, as the wings were better, and the competition was also better. He also said that he was stunned to have lost the event, as it was rigged to advantage the girls.

The main difference that I saw between this year and last year was how the competition was. Last year each person had a bowl of a certain amount of wings that they had to eat, but this year they were just all spread out along the table. Another thing is that the wings were a lot better than they were last year,” said Reichmuth. “ I mean we couldn’t put our bones in the tubs until Coach Stew checked them. Looking back I wish we could have distracted the girls in some way, just to make it a fair competition. Things didn’t really go our way. Distractions came up and it really twisted the game. I was kind of like oh shoot Coach Stew got tackled by Freddie the Falcon. Something I thought I would never see. That’s real WingMania!”

This year’s girls judge, teacher Mary Jo Bauer says that it was fun to judge the event although she has to deal with the repercussions, and she’s glad it was just wings.

“Not gonna lie, it was a bit disturbing to watch and I won’t likely be eating wings for some time,” Bauer said. “I’m just glad it wasn’t hot dogs!”