Fighting for field space

Carrie Sandler, Editor-in-cheif

By having spring sports in full swing, teams struggle to find space in order to host practices due to conflicts of games, weather, or alternative complications. This can implicate tension between teams as they vie for the ultimate practice space, which can turn bitter between athletes of competing programs.

With the amount of games and the weather conditions that come with the spring season, teams do struggle to actually continue with holding their practices. So, when teams face this, they often have to fight each other for either field or gym space in order to follow through with their practice schedule, which can be difficult depending on the sport and what they need for practice. With this “fighting” disagreements can stem, and sometimes a potential system may have to be put in place to distribute proper field space time. And what spot are most teams fighting for, you may ask? None other than the stadium turf.

I mean, who would not want to be on the turf? Not only is it where the vast majority of sporting events take place, but it also provides athletes with the full experience in being able to properly prepare for their games on their proper 

terrain. As an athlete who practices in both the fall and spring seasons, I can easily say that the turf is the best option to practice on. So, when weather conditions or other inconveniences present themselves the day of a practice, all I do is hope to see the message saying, “We are on the turf today.” If this message does not pop up, then all I can think about is which team got it over the others and why.

While the turf is just one of the practice spaces teams compete over, the other issue that comes with finding space is the deliberation process over who gets what. Better phrased, why this team gets the space they want over the other teams. Technically speaking, each sport has their own designated practice areas, and technically speaking they do not have to use the turf at all, or other facilities. If this is naturally the case, then why is there a need for sports to fight each other for field space, when they have all the necessary equipment and practice space designed for their sport set up perfectly? I mean, is there really a need to fight over a spot to practice? Maybe not, or maybe so. 

If there should be a scenario where field space is being deliberated, I propose there should be a structured  system on who gets the space, that way it is totally scheduled, and teams have no reason to be fighting each other. It also allows for some peace to occur in the decision making, and could leave athletes feeling better about the fact that they did not get the space they wanted just because of how it was scheduled. Which yes, this can still be a bummer, but it does remove potential issues occurring between teams.