Students, staff gain more academic accountability

Madison Springett, Copy Editor

With the start of the new school year changes have been made to the study hall known as Ac Lab.

Students can use the responsive scheduling feature on Infinite Campus to sign up for different rooms during Ac Lab time. Principal Dr. Emily McCown said that the new feature will allow for students to pick a location in which they are able to focus and get work done.

“With the introduction of the responsive scheduler component in which students will be making their location selections ahead of time we felt there was more of an academic focus and a new name would help illustrate that change,” McCown said.

This change may take some time to get used to for some, but students are able to sign up for where they want to go for each session seven days prior to the date they are choosing for. Senior Charlotte Hurt said she thinks she will get more work done but doesn’t like the change because it’s annoying having to constantly select a location.

“I don’t like the change because it is annoying how you have to choose where you want to go for both sessions and can’t move once you’re in there, [but] I think I will get more work done just because I will already know what classroom I will be going to,” Hurt said.

The sign up using Infinite Campus allows for only 25 people in each classroom. Sophomore Cameron Mueller said he likes that the amount of people per room is limited because then classrooms won’t be crowded when one is trying to complete their work.

“I like how there’s only a certain amount of spots in a class, so you don’t have 40 people all in one room and I [can] still try to get all my work done,” Mueller said.

The sooner students sign up for their Ac Lab sessions the better because when everyone tries to sign up at once Infinite Campus crashes. McCown said that she hopes if students start making choices before Ac Lab homeroom the issues with Infinite Campus will settle.

“We hope if students begin to make their selections ahead of time, prior to the B day homeroom, that IC will be able to support that increase traffic better,” McCown said.

Junior Jack Tekotte said that he thinks this change will be beneficial to him, as last year he wasted some flex sessions and didn’t get much work done.

“I do think that I will benefit from the change as last year I did waste a few flex times instead of getting work done, and that is also why I think that flex was changed to Ac lab, as lots of people were not taking full advantage of it,” Tekotte said.

Study hall teacher Taylor Green said that the change will benefit her classroom during this time because having attendance will make sure that students needing to retake or make up work will go where they need to.

“The change is very beneficial for testing purposes. Since I will have a roster ready to go, ideally, the check-in process will be smoother with less interruptions and allow for more time to complete each test,” Green said.