Gemini Rights

Album Review

Gemini Rights pairs full and bright instrumentals with rich vocals in Steve Lacy’s second studio album.

A call to like-minded creatives, Gemini Rights pulls inspiration from past projects with Lacy’s band mates in The Internet, a passionate R&B project formed in 2011. His skill has come a long way since taping his first ever released project in Garageband on his cracked iPhone 6 in 2017, even though the recording setup hasn’t changed. What Lacy lacks in a ‘professional’ light, he makes up for with refreshing creativity and an utterly unique sound.

Gemini Rights comes with a tight set of 10 tracks, including a resonant interlude, with a total playtime of 35 minutes. Its opener, a chill and introspective beat, quickly gained popularity on social media after the album’s release. It sets the tone for the unforgettable tracks that follow. The record is highlighted in “Bad Habit” and “Amber,” two tracks that show Lacy’s full range of sound. These songs embody clean, rhythmic waves that’ll make you want to listen again before it even ends.

Overall what the record does best is found in its vivid storytelling. From “Static” to “Give You the World”, Gemini Rights gives the listener a window into Lacy’s incredible mind and the stories that fill it. Available on all music streaming platforms, Gemini Rights is a must-listen for any music lover.