Falcon’s nest cafeteria seating no more

The upper cafeteria seating in the Falcon’s Nest is no longer available for the 2022-2023 school year. The division of tables was created because of Covid-19, but now could be essential to senior year.

Associate Principal Thomas Potteiger said seating was initially available for social distancing purposes, so with Covid-19 on the decrease, he said it was no longer necessary.

“This arrangement was created during the pandemic. We needed to spread more people out, which is why we went to four lunches and put tables up there,” Potteiger said.

In the past, this area was reserved for seniors, and many, including senior Grace Hylla, are disappointed by the removal of the seating in the Nest. Hylla said the downstairs area feels crowded and makes it feel like she is still new to school.

“The Nest makes you feel like a senior,” Hylla said. “It just feels like we’re still underclassmen.”

Despite the original purpose of the upstairs tables, many seniors want the tables to become a permanent fixture at the school. For the 12th graders, this seating has been a part of their high school experience. It has shaped their minds about what the Senior experience looks like. Senior Ryan Donovan said he remembers when he sat in the commons as a freshman and he envisioned sitting up there when he grew up.

“I watched the seniors sit up there [every year] and now when it’s our time to sit up there, we aren’t allowed to. I was looking forward to sitting in The Nest this year because every year we have watched the seniors sit up there,” Donovan said.

Hylla agrees with Donovan, as she said she was also looking forward to sitting there with her friends.

“The past seniors have gotten to sit in The Nest and now they take it away for our senior year. The Nest was something I was looking forward to as a senior for sure. I know a lot of my friends were too,” Hylla said.

Senior Madilyn McCutcheon said The Nest gave her motivation as she watched the seniors sit up there when she was an underclassman.

“Math was after lunch my sophomore and junior year and seeing the seniors up at The Nest really inspired me to keep working even though it was hard,” McCutcheon said.

The Nest was something seniors like McCutcheon anticipated as her long-awaited senior year finally arrived. She said she was excited to finally be a part of something exclusive.

“I was really looking forward to finally sitting at the tables with all my friends and realizing we are in our last year of high school. Now, it just feels like another year of school,” McCutcheon said.