Silver Falcons finish season


Mary Corkery

As she twirls across the field, junior Kari Koerner waves her flags while the band plays behind her. The Silver Falcons performed during halftime at the Homecoming football game on Sept. 30.

Marching band finishes off their season at the BOA St. Louis Super Regional competition on Oct. 14, placing 11th in their class and 42nd overall.

This year, the marching band’s theme was titled “Age of Invention,” and senior Jenny Reiter said the show delves into multiple different periods of invention and how technology has advanced.

“The theme of the show is Age of Invention. It’s basically about how technology has changed. It starts off with newer technology but it’s also older technology then it goes further into the invention of the lightbulb all the way into the invention of the train during our third movement. Each movement is a different technological advancement, so that is pretty cool,” Reiter said.

Senior G Schmiedeke said that the marching band has been succeeding in competition this year.

“The marching band has done very well this year. The percussion ensemble got first place, with best front ensemble, best bassline, and best tenor line at SIUE, the full band got first place overall at both the Lafayette Contest of Champions and in Edwardsville, we made finals in the competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we just had our BOA performance last week, where we finished in the top 2/3rds. We have had an extremely incredible season and have gotten to have a lot of very amazing experiences,” Schmiedeke said.

Sophomore Madeline Kelly plays clarinet at the band’s halftime performance for the Homecoming game on Sept. 30. This year, the theme for the band’s performance was “Age of Invention, and it covered how technology has changed and advanced over time. (Mary Corkery)

Junior Zach Hardee said the BOA St. Louis Super Regionals went well for him and numerous other individuals because they felt they did their best.

“Regionals was good. A lot of people, including me, had their best run, and I personally was happy with how I did. We placed two places higher than we did last year, and we also scored higher,” Hardee said.

Schmiedeke said that although they love the music, their favorite part about the band is the people.

“My absolute favorite part of the band is the people in it, and the teamwork aspect. Like yeah, I love to play the music, and performing is my favorite thing to do, but the people in the band make it as amazing as it is. We are more than teammates– we are genuine friends and I consider a lot of the front ensemble to be part of my chosen family,” Schmiedeke said.