Drake’s new album Her Loss underwhelms

Drake set expectations low with his last two albums, Certified Lover Boy and Honestly, Nevermind receiving mostly negative criticism from reviewers and fans alike. In Her Loss, released Nov. 4 with 21 Savage, those expectations were met but still the album was quickly overhyped.

Her Loss peaks with the tracks “Circo Loco” and “Middle of the Ocean”, delivering a unique sound to the album that leaves the listener wanting more. However, the majority of the album is generally hit-or-miss.

Hours in Silence particularly stands out as a low point on Her Loss, coming up with a bland sound and unoriginal lyrics.

Featured artist 21 Savage collaborates well with Drake and they are able to bounce some new ideas off of eachother. The two artists are different enough that they make something entirely new when they work together but similar enough to not clash with one another.

Overall Her Loss does what it’s expected to as Drake’s late studio albums fizzle out into becoming average on the whole. It doesn’t show off his full range of musicality but if you’re looking for something similar to his past albums with a new element of a featured artist, you won’t be disappointed. Her Loss will likely become a fan-favorite but will be seen as an average album overall by critics.

Compared to his last two albums, Drake surprised listeners with some improved tracks and a well-done feature from 21 Savage.