Brothers review restaurants on YouTube

Social media has opened up a platform for anyone to make content of their choice. For sophomore Ethan Gulath and class of 2022 alumnus Jacob Gulath, that means filming food reviews in Jacob’s car and uploading them to YouTube on J&E Food Reviews.

Ethan said their channel isn’t just about the food: the two brothers connect with each other on current events.

“Me and my brother Jacob go to fast food places when they have new items and we get the new item and talk about it while we eat. We also discuss other topics like things that are going on in our life and stuff happening in the world. After eating, we review the main item by scoring it out of 10. Sometimes we have guests, if good friends of ours want to be in a video,” Ethan said.

Their channel was started in Feb. 2022 and the duo now has 160 subscribers. Ethan said what originally started as just a joke early this year quickly turned into a fun opportunity for the brothers.

“Our first video got lots of support so we started making more, even though we made the first one as a joke,” Ethan said.

Having a channel like his has more perks than just being able to spend time with his family. Ethan said they even receive discounts on some of the food that he and his brother review.

“Our favorite review was one of our more recent ones where we went to CB Chophouse and got their Chophouse burger. It was our most positive review and we got a discount because Jacob’s good friend [alumnus] Riley [Diffley] and his family own the place,” Ethan said.

Ethan said a quality necessary for pursuing a hobby like theirs is being open-minded.

“The advice I would give for a person trying to start an account like this is to be open to everything. You have to enjoy most food if you are going to start a channel like this so that you are able to try all kinds of things,” Ethan said.

Although Ethan said J&E Food Reviews has met an obstacle recently, they’re ready to get back into the habit of making more videos.

“It definitely is harder to make reviews now that Jacob is in college because we never know when he will be able to come home. He will be home for winter break for over a month so we are hoping to make more reviews while he is back,” Gulath said.