New year, new Talon


Taylor Spencer, Editor-In-Chief

Some of you may have noticed that we hadn’t put out a paper for the month of January. Although we planned to publish our regular monthly edition, we ran into some difficulties. Unfortunately, the printing company we have been using for years went out of business. We were forced to scrap our plans for January, as there was no way for us to put out a print edition of The Talon due to time constraints. Instead, we uploaded stories to our website at, and focused our efforts on finding a new printing company so we could continue to put out a physical edition of the newspaper. We underwent a process of looking at different prices and bids to find what we could do. We didn’t know whether or not the paper would come to fruition, but we continued to work throughout the month of February, planning to put out an issue. January and February were filled with lots of uncertainty, but as a staff, we continued to capture events. We were finally able to secure a printing company during the middle of February.

However, the format you are now seeing The Talon in has changed as well. Since the beginning of the year, we had been pushing for a change in format. While the entirety of the staff still appreciated the newspaper format, we were really interested in the news magazine style that many schools utilize. However, our advisor was hesitant to break tradition, so we continued with the newspaper format until our company went out of business.

Because we were already making a drastic shift, the idea of switching to a news magazine style was brought up again at the end of January. Collectively, we decided to switch to the news magazine style because we wanted to change to a format that would be more compatible with our goal as a staff: to produce quality pieces and create a visually focused final product. As we are just starting out, the magazine will continue to adapt and shift as we learn the layout. We appreciate your constant support and patience as we attempt to navigate through these new changes. No matter what format the news comes in, The Talon will always be committed to providing quality content and coverage for the community.