Girls Basketball falls 71-67 after 4 overtimes

Madison Springett, Copy Editor

On March 2, the girls basketball team lost to Washington 71-67 after four overtimes. Coach Christopher Wilkenson said he was proud of how competitive the team remained throughout the game and he said that team had a lack of stops which would have been needed during the game.

“We fought so hard, we played as a team. I was really proud of our competitive spirit. We didn’t get stops when we really needed to [and] we also had a few bad turnovers,” Wilkenson said.

Senior Gabby Greer said that the game went well but Washington had the advantage of playing on their home court which allowed for them to come out with the win. She said she also feels like the team pushed through the entire game and continued to fight for the ball back.

“I think that the game went well for both sides but in the end Washington had the home court advantage and just had more shots fall, so they were able to come out with the win,” Greer said.

I feel like the team worked really hard throughout the entirety of the game and didn’t let the pressure get to us. Even in the fourth overtime we were continuously fighting to get the ball back.

— Senior Gabby Greer

Senior Abby Ulsas said she thinks the team played well in the game and it was interesting to play in a game that had four overtimes.

“The game was good we played well. I have never been in, much less seen a game go into four overtime’s so it was crazy to be a part of,” Ulsas said.

Senior Ella Mantz said that the game was exhilarating to be a part of. She said the team kept up their energy the entire game despite them being tired from playing for so long.

“The game was very exciting and intense. We went into four overtimes so it was very exciting but also tiring. We made a lot of shots to keep us in the game and we kept our energy up the whole time,” Mantz said.

Ulsas said she thinks the season went well and the team got the second most wins for girls basketball in a season.

“The season went very well. We ended up with second most wins for girls basketball in a single season when last year we went 10-16,” Ulsas said.

Wilkenson said he thought this was an unbelievable season but is sad that it’s over and he said that the team will miss the outgoing seniors.

“It was an unbelievable season, the kids played so hard and cared about each other. As a coach that is all you can ask for. When you like to be around a group of people it is hard to say goodbye when the season ends. We are going to miss our great senior leaders,” Wilkenson said.

Greer said that she thinks the season went well and she’s sad that it is over because it’s her last year but she is proud of how the team did this year.

“The overall season went incredibly well as we were conference champs with the second most wins in school history and set the record for most threes in a game. I’m sad that the season is over and since this was my last one I’m going to miss it, but I am really proud of how we did this season and can’t wait to see what they do next year,” Greer said.