Falcons topple Wildcats 3-0


Raghed Hadi

After receiving the set from senior Johnny Eichkorn (11), sophmore Logan Pope (14) spikes the ball. The Falcons defeated the Hazelwood West Wildcats on April 18 at home.

Audrey DaVault, Layout Editor

The volleyball team toppled the Wildcats of Hazelwood West on April 18, winning their sets 25-1, 25-17, and 25-18.

Junior Ian Boden said the team can improve their game by being confident in their skill level.

“Our team played ok but we could’ve played better. Sometimes, when we play teams that we are better than, we play down to their level,” Boden said.

Senior Robert Fenwick said his team is getting better the more they play.

“Overall, I feel that I played a decent game, there were some things that I needed to work on, such as being more focused. As a team, we are getting better as the season goes on. One key factor to winning this game was our communication, which then correlated to a great result,” Fenwick said. “Toward the beginning of the game, we started to play down to their level, which caused us to lose some focus, but we pulled it together near the end. We had a few errors, [all of] which were mental, [but] we [corrected] them by the end of the game.”

He and the team have things to work on like serving consistently, Boden said, but he said he would like to improve his defensive block.

“Something I could’ve done better was working on pressing for my blocks. If I don’t press, sometimes the ball will drop on our side of the net or go out of bounds, instead of getting blocked back onto their side. [Also], our team could’ve done better serving since we served a lot out,” Boden said.

Senior Lucas Kristof said he wishes he could have brought more hype to the team and focused more on his returns.

“I played alright [but I] could have been a bit better. As a team, we ended up winning but gave up points that we shouldn’t have. I [wish I would] have focused more on my hits and brought some more energy to the team. We [also] could have made some more serves in. My hope for the season is to finish off strong and win some district games,” Kristof said

When playing against other teams with a lower skill level, Fenwick said, the team doesn’t play to their best ability.

“One thing we could work on as a team is getting locked in mentally before the game and not play down to the other team’s level. This has been one of our biggest problems this season that cost us most of our games. Also, most of their points were from our own mistakes. In the future I have high hopes for the rest of the season, especially because we are improving every day on and off the court,” Fenwick said.

Junior Zoran Sabbert said they should’ve had a larger lead instead of having a similar score to the other team.

“Something we could’ve done better is definitely staying focused as the third set wasn’t necessarily close, but shouldn’t [have] been as close as it was. I hope that by the end of the season, we’ll be ready for districts and play well enough to make it past districts,” Sabbert said.