Boys tennis falls to Webster Groves Statesmen 9-0


Taylor Spencer

As he swings his racket, freshman Max Otto returns the ball. The Falcons were swept by the Webster Groves Statesmen, losing 9-0.

Despite their efforts, the Falcons fell to the Webster Groves Statesmen 9-0 at home on April 18.

Head coach Kevi Harwood said that although the boys’ lost, they still made many individual accomplishments.

“They all played very well. Several of them got their best score and everyone had a good match,” Harwood said.

Freshman Max Otto said that the matches lacked many key points, one of the main ones being interaction. However, she said this got better as the day went on, as the boys’ started to work together as a whole.

“[We lacked] communication and movement for almost [every play during the game],” Otto said. “Towards the end, we got better with both of those.”

Although the match didn’t go as expected, Otto said he believes that there is a lot to work on as the season progresses.

“[I think] that more practices with our partners [will benefit the team as a whole],” Otto said.

Junio Grant Mace said that although the odds were against the Falcons, he believes that both him and his partner played well in their given circumstances.

“I feel like the other team had more people, so in general they were better than us. I think that my doubles partner and I worked well together,” Mace said.

As the season moves forward, Harwood says that there is much to work on, as many of the players do not play tennis year-round like many of their opponents.

“We need to work on returning hard serves and more work on coming in during doubles,” Harwood said. “We are improving with every match. We have faced some really tough teams that have players that play year-round. Both the Varsity and the JV might not be year-round players but they really work hard and listen to corrections really well.”