Lacrosse crushes Longhorns 12-0


Matia Puljic

As she brings the ball away from the Falcon’s goal, junior Erin Cowie (13) gets checked by Ava Reuther (10) of Parkway West. The Falcons beat Parkway West 12-0 at home May 15.

Matia Puljic, Of The Talon staff

Within seconds, the Falcons scored their first of twelve goals against the Parkway West Longhorns, leading them to defeat at home on May 11.

Overall, the team worked as a whole to defeat the Longhorns, junior Madeline Gregston says that the defense showed their strength throughout the game, as they did not let any goals in.

“Our defense has been a strength this season and it definitely showed during that game. Our defense, including our goalies, played amazing. We also stayed out of card trouble, which we have struggled with in recent games,” Gregston said.

Head coach David Gibson says that this game was a huge end to the regular season. Not only because they won, but also because the Falcons did not let any goals in from the Longhorns, which was the first time ever for Parkway West.

“The game gave us an opportunity to end on a high note before playoffs. According to the Parkway West coach they have never been shut out in her 16 years of coaching until that game. Our defense did a great job of limiting their chances,” Gibson said.

Although the Falcons defeated the Longhorns in their last regular season game, junior Erin Cowie says that the postseason games will be challenging to win without teamwork. If the girls work as one, they will have more successes than losses.

“I think our playoff games will be much more difficult than this game but as long as we play as a team and not individually I think it will go well,” Cowie said.

However, senior Natalie Ruffus says that in spite of winning this game, the team still lacks a strong offense, which is a crucial point for the postseason. Nonetheless, the win is a positive for the girls as they head into the postseason.

“Although we had a lot of goals and the game overall was very successful the attack dynamic does not match that of the defense and that’s what were striving for going into playoffs,” Ruffus said. “Going into the postseason after this game it’s a great high to ride and a confidence builder. I think having a win definitely lifted some stress off our shoulders and gives us the focus to prepare for playoff season.”