Publications at RSHS

Publications at RSHS
Junior Lily Maginn works using Indesign to create a page for the upcoming edition.
The Talon newspaper

Junior Lily Maginn joined the newspaper staff last year and said that she joined the class because she wanted to become more involved and heard good things about the class.
“I joined so I could be more involved in school. I knew a lot of people who took the class who spoke highly of it, which prompted me to join,” Maginn said.
Maginn said what she likes most is seeing the final product and working backstage to put it together.
“I love to see the finished product of the newspaper and everything that goes into creating it behind the scenes. It’s a lot of work to create the paper so it’s very satisfying to see it completed as a physical copy,” Maginn said.
Maginn said she thinks people should join the staff because it provides opportunities to get involved with what is going on in the school, and the staff takes into consideration other commitments.
“Other people should join because its really fun to make the newspaper and you can be more involved with school which is important. The class can be a commitment but it is very flexible to account for everyones schedules, such as sports and work,” Maginn said.
Maginn said that the benefits of joining the class are being more involved in school events and able to speak with students and staff members about many things.
“The benefits are that you can be more aware of what’s going on in the school and you can take pictures at games up close which is fun. You can also interview your peers and teachers which can be entertaining,” Maginn said.

Junior Lily Maginn works using Indesign to create a page for the upcoming edition. (Madison Springett)
Senior Jenna Elmore laughs while live on air during an air shift.
KFTN 92.7 radio

Senior Jenna Elmore joined radio during her junior year and was influenced by her siblings who were previously in the class and enjoyed it.
“I joined last year because my siblings were in a publication, two of them were in radio and one of them was in newspaper so I knew that they really enjoyed it and I wanted to see what it was all about,” Elmore said.
Elmore said she enjoys the class because it allows for people to pick what they want their shows to include.
“I really like that you kind of get to do your own thing in the sense that you pick your own music that you want to put in your show and you create your script for your show. You have a lot of individualism with what you do and you get to explore any type of genre of music or anything that you like. It is super fun to just sit and listen to music. It’s also fun just to know that you’re broadcasting, and you don’t know who’s listening to you, but we hope that someone is. It’s low stress. It’s a little nerve-racking at first but [the listeners] don’t know it’s you,” Elmore said.
Elmore also said that being on the staff gives people more experience and teaches you the behind the scenes of how a radio station works.
“It gives you a lot of experience. Not only does it give you experience in the journalism sense and in the broadcasting way, but also just it teaches you so many lessons and knowing basic stuff on how a radio station works or how to use a recording program,” Elmore said.

Senior Jenna Elmore laughs while live on air during an air shift. (Madison Springett)
Sophomore Trevi Guest looks through last years yearbook for inspiration for her current spread.
The Pinnacle yearbook

Sophomore Trevi Guest joined yearbook second semester of her freshman year and joined after visiting the activity fair last year.
“I took the prerequisite first semester freshman year and started my second semester. I joined because I went to the activity fair freshman year and thought it would be super fun to do yearbook. I liked seeing all the fun parts of it,” Guest said.
Guest said she likes to see the finished product at the end and being able to capture moments throughout the school year.
“I love working on it and seeing the finished result and being able to capture all the moments and documenting it because I know it will be really fun to look back on in the future,” Guest said.
Guest also said she joined to be more involved in what is happening at school as well as outside of school.
“I think other people should join it because you really get to be involved in school and get to see what’s happening and getting to document it is really special. You also get to see whats happening at the school and you’re always just up to date with all the events,” Guest said.
Guest also said that the benefits of the class include gaining more experience taking photos and learning to work the camera.
“[The] benefits are [that] you probably won’t get too bad of a picture because you can always look through them and make changes to your settings,” she said.

Sophomore Trevi Guest looks through last years yearbook for inspiration for her current spread. (Madison Springett)
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