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Senior Assassin

Senior Assassin is a non school affiliated activity that seniors create and play. The game consists of water guns, goggles, and life 360.  Senior Austin Drury is the manager for the game. He said this role has had its ups and downs but overall is rewarding to watch his peers have fun.
“I took over because the original person stepped down. Having the role has been fun because the senior class is having so much fun playing but there are some complainers because they got out,” Drury said. 

Each senior is assigned a “target” who they shoot with a water gun. If the target wears goggles they can not get out. Players can not turn off their locations or they risk getting a bounty put on them. There have also been things such as “Death Call” and different ways to gain immunity. As the one enforcing the guidelines, Drury said most people agree on the rules put in place. 

“Rules were mostly general like not getting people out at school. Any other rules I post a poll on Instagram for the players to decide what they want to be in the game. So the responses are generally good because everything that is added is well liked,” Drury said. 

Some seniors have gone above and beyond to get their targets out. Margaret Schnieders went as far as to take her friend Arun Halders AirPods in an elaborate plan to get him out. 

“I knew Arun wore his goggles all the time because I was snapchatting him. We have Psychology together so my plan was to steal something from him or like take something on “accident” and then give it back to him. I went through his stuff and was deciding between his calculator, pencil case, or AirPods and none of them could have theoretically fallen out besides the AirPods. He found out that they were gone and he got really upset and said ‘who stole my AirPods’ and posted it on his story. He pinged the AirPods and they went off in my backpack and I freaked out because I thought he was tracking me to my classroom and I didn’t want him to think I actually stole them. I ended up sliding up on his story and saying ‘Oh My God the red case? And he said yes,” Schnieders said. 

The conversation continued and Schnieders told him she’d come to his house and drop them off. When she did, she shot him with her water gun. 

Tucker Johnson decided to trust the wrong person and it resulted in him being eliminated. 

“I trusted the wrong person and got fed a false story. I felt betrayed. I was shocked and angry for like 5 minutes and then I was over it,” Johnson said. 

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