The locally-owned restaurants I’m supporting

Carrie Sandler, News Editor

In the wake of new St. Louis County restrictions, local restaurants are faced with concerns about the business they will attain throughout these next few weeks.

On Nov. 16, new restrictions for St. Louis County went into effect in response to the rising number of COVID-19 cases. One of the restrictions posed was that restaurants can no longer have indoor dining facilities open; they can only have outdoor seating to a 25% capacity level. With most restaurants being limited to curbside pickup and delivery, below are some local restaurants that can be supported during this time.

Italian: Joe Boccardi’s

Located in Brookwood Center at the corner of Bowles and Smizer Mill, Joe Boccardi’s is an Italian crowd-pleaser. Some of the popular menu items include a variety of sandwiches, pasta, chicken, and more. While Joe Boccardi’s is a chain throughout the St. Louis area, the restaurant itself is locally based and appeals to young and old crowds alike. Come in from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday or 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday to taste affordable, quality food.

Mexican: 3 Margaritas, Mi Lupita, Que Pasa, Azteca

If you are looking for a taste of Mexican then look no further than these restaurants. With a range of multiple restaurants, Fenton boasts a large selection of popular affordable Mexican eats that are sure to please. Starting with 3 Margaritas which is located in Fenton Plaza, a variety of typical Mexican options are depicted under the categories of tacos, nachos, and burritos to name a few. In addition, 3 Margaritas also offers outside seating for those who want to enjoy the winter weather out of the house. Another popular restaurant is Mi Lupita, which is similar to Joe Boccardi’s in that it has multiple St. Louis area locations, but is still local. Some popular menu items include an even larger variety of Mexican foods to American food. Moving onto the border of Fenton located in Sugar Creek Plaza is Que Pasa. Que Pasa boasts a selection of Mexican eats including Chimichangas, nachos, fajitas, and Sincronizadas, which is similar to a quesadilla. Rounding out the Mexican selection is Azteca, which is located near Sky Zone in downtown Fenton. A feature about Azteca is that it offers delivery through GrubHub, making it more accessible to get food like stuffed enchiladas and soups like Caldo de Pollo which is sure to please during this transition to winter.

Grill: Fenton Bar and Grill, Brew Haus 141, Trueman’s Place, Corner Butcher

Looking for a place to grab some quality barbeque and grilled favorites? No need to seek much because there are no better options than these American cuisine bars. Starting off with Fenton Bar and Grill located off Rudder Road, this restaurant has many items on its menu including their original FBG nachos and FBG chef salad to name a few. Moving on to Brew Haus 141 located off 141 and on Majestic Drive, this Irish and German Pub exudes a variety of food ranging from Reuben Bites, Bavarian Pretzel Sticks, to homemade Brew Haus Dip all available at an affordable price. Right across the street from Brew Haus is Trueman’s Place off Smizer Station Road and 141. Offering a variety of typical griller items, Trueman’s Place also offers patio seating during this time so people can go enjoy the December weather while eating quality food. Finally, for all the meat-lovers there is the Corner Butcher shop, which sells a variety of quality meats along with lunch specials and pre-packaged food ready to go.

Dessert: Fenton Olde Towne Donuts, Russell’s

To have a true dining experience, dessert is always necessary. Thankfully, Fenton has a few popular dessert locations that excel at pleasing. In Fenton Plaza close to 3 Margaritas there is Fenton Olde Towne Donuts, a mom and pop type restaurant that has a variety of delicious donuts at anyone’s dispense. Another popular place to grab a treat is Russell’s, which is near Joe Boccardi’s in Brookwood Center. Not only does Russell’s offer breakfast and lunch, but they also showcase a selection of popular treats, including a variety of flavors in the St. Louis native Gooey Butter Cake.