Students find ways to have a safe Halloween

Angela Colombo, Of The Talon staff

As Halloween approaches people are finding alternate ways to celebrate the holiday in order to help minimize and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Traditional Halloween activities may be fun, but it is important to be aware of the state of the community during these times. In order to decrease the risk of spreading COVID, the CDC recommends finding alternate ways to participate in popular festivities in addition to the regular practice of wearing cloth masks and following social distancing guidelines. One suggestion by the CDC is to set up outdoor stations with individually bagged treats for any trick or treaters that may come by, it is also important that anyone receiving or giving out treats sanitize their hands before and after and to avoid direct contact with any one that does not live in their household. Students are also finding ways to spend time with friends in a safe fashion by spending time with small groups and by practicing COVID health guidelines. Junior Lucas Manalang said that he would be spending time with friends while making sure to wear masks and avoid taking any unnecessary risks while doing so.

“My Halloween plans are splitting time between friends. One close group and the other is closer. We will be dressing up and possibly doing a bonfire. Some precautions I’m taking are wearing a mask when necessary and making sure I’m not at risk in any way,” Manalang said.

Similarly, senior Amelia Otten said that she would be spending time with a group of close friends and sticking to her normal safety routines to avoid the possibility of contracting the virus.

“I’m hanging out with close friends and then a slightly bigger group that hangs out often, but not with any other people outside of that. I’m keeping COVID in mind by hanging out with people I’ve already been around and not going to huge parties,” Otten said. 

The small get-togethers that many students are participating in are a far cry from the large parties from previous years. Junior Amelia Bell said that in previous years she’s gone to parties with three times the amount of people that she is with this year.

“In past years I’ve been to parties with around 50 other people, but this year it’s only seven and we have all been safe throughout quarantine,” Bell said.

Even when spending time in small groups the CDC still suggests that masks be worn and social distancing guidelines of six feet between others should be followed. They additionally advise that any activities done with people outside of one’s family be held outdoors to help avoid close contact and increased air flow and adding that there are many ways to celebrate the day while minimizing risks.