Too soon for Christmas

Kavya Ramesh, Social Media Editor

As soon as Halloween ended, many people transitioned straight into the holiday season, completely skipping Thanksgiving and the remainder of the fall.

Christmas season is known as ‘the most wonderful time of the year,’ and for many, it is being viewed as the one positive thing left in the world today as the pandemic rages on.

But how soon is too soon? I think that Christmas decorations should only be put up after Thanksgiving. The month of November should be devoted to Thanksgiving, while December should be devoted to winter holidays. The holiday seasons should not overlap; Thanksgiving is not getting its proper justice. 

Personally, I think people are going overboard this year just because they have nothing else to do. As my neighbors were taking their Halloween decorations down, they put up Christmas decorations. It would have been fine if they just put up all the lights while it was warm but waited till at least December to turn them on; however, they immediately turned them on. And it wasn’t just one singular house. As I drive through my neighborhood, more and more houses are continuously putting up their decorations when at this time, Thanksgiving is still a week away. 

However, it is not only homes that people are decorating; many shops have completely changed their inventory to 

Christmas. Before even Halloween was over, Christmas decorations were up and for sale in many shops. If you wanted to buy Halloween decorations, you were out of luck in just mid-October as Christmas decorations had already overtaken the store. 

Furthermore, Starbucks has already brought out their Christmas drinks with even the festive holiday cups. To me, this is absolutely absurd as we have not even passed Thanksgiving. While the holiday season is truly one of the happiest times of the year, I believe that putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is too early.