Muslim students form sense of community

Rahma Abud, Of The Talon staff

The Muslim Student Association is a new club that brings people together in hopes of creating a comfortable space for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Freshman Tasniah Sifat created the club in hopes of helping fellow Muslims here at school and to create a positive view of Islam for many. 

“I wanted to start the club to get to know the Muslims who go here better and be able to have a space to educate each other more on topics of Islam other people may not know about,” Sifat said. 

Senior Sarah Alrashid said she joined the club to have the option to have topics of discussion about Islam and to have a more comfortable space where people can ask questions to each other in a safe space. 

“I joined the club in hopes of having other people have the opportunity to ask questions and be able to educate each other more on different things. I think this will be a great club that many people will be able to benefit from,” Alrashid said. 

Alrashid also believes the club will help people of different backgrounds and faiths be able to have a space where false information is put to rest and benefit people from all backgrounds.
“I hope people who are not Muslim join the club to hopefully stop the misinformation many people have about Islam. I for sure think the club can benefit people from different races, ethnicities, nationalities, etcetera, [since] there will be different perspectives people can learn [about]” Alrashid said. 

The club has had one meeting since it was made and the turnout was more than expected, according to Sifat who led the first meeting and had a group conversation about where everyone wants the club to go.
“Surprisingly, many people came to the first meeting which was great because hopefully, we can then continue to grow as the club goes on. Everyone gave their opinions about what they expect from the club and that makes me really excited about where the club could go from here,” Sifat said.

Sifat hopes making this club will provide a place where people can become friends and have a place where they can freely express themselves and their opinions about Islam.
“I hope that when people come to the club they can make new friends and have a place they can comfortably express their opinions,” Sifat said. 

She said she hopes one thing people take away from the club is that their opinions matter.
“Even if someone comes to only one meeting, I hope they leave feeling a sense of relief that their opinion was heard. I hope the club is just a safe space for people no matter what their background is,” Sifat said.