Are A days beneficial or should they be removed?

Kavya Ramesh, Associate Editor

I hate A days. 

As a freshman, I used to look forward to them as I felt the day flew by much faster than on block days. However, now I despise them. 

While all of the class periods are shorter, which seems like a much more manageable amount of time to be in one class, the classwork assigned is relatively similar to the work assigned in a 90-minute block class. With less time to complete these long assignments, you now have homework on top of previously assigned homework. Even though it might not be a huge increase in homework in one class, this happens in nearly all the classes, which adds up. No one wants to have this much homework to do over the weekend; at least I don’t

In addition to an increase in homework, my teachers always give a test on A days. Why can’t we just avoid having tests these days? By the time everyone settles down and the test is passed out, it feels like 10 minutes have already gone by. It still astonishes me that students are expected to complete a whole test in that short period. I do understand that for AP classes, having an allocated amount of time will prepare us for the AP exam but I would rather have a set amount of time to take a test on a block day so that I feel that I am not rushed to finish the test in one class period or I risk being late to my next class.

Looking at the other Rockwood schools, they all start the week with A days, like we used to do here. Why are we different? What is the reason for ending on A days? From a student’s perspective, there is no reasonable point. I want to go back to having Mondays as A days. It helps me get ready for the week by visiting all my classes and getting a general idea of what we will be doing that week. Plus, it provides plenty of time to finish assignments for the week with the added opportunity to get the next class period to finish working on them. 

For the sanity of students in the following years, please get rid of A days on Fridays and move them back to Mondays.