Student Council creates virtual Homecoming experience

Torryionna Miller, Copy Editor

Student Council put together a virtual spirit week Sep. 28 through Oct. 2; the theme was ‘masquerade’ and was a play on Homecoming because students were at home participating due to COVID-19.

Sponsor Jennifer Perone said she made the decision to still have a spirit week to recognize that it would have been Homecoming week.

“I was at the PSO meeting and they were talking about “can we do anything to celebrate Homecoming?” We tried to have a virtual spirit week in the spring but I think kids were so checked out. I didn’t think we would have any success but we could try again, maybe it could give some sense of normalcy even if we’re on Zoom,” Jennifer Perone said.

Student Council President, senior Lauren Perone, said less planning was required as a result of the online event.

“We had a morning STUCO meeting to brainstorm spirit day ideas, but since we go to school online we needed to keep the days easy which meant planning did not take long. Also, since we’re not in school we did not need to advertise or paint signs because we could advertise virtually,” Lauren Perone said.

Lauren Perone also said that she was excited for spirit week despite it being virtual.

“I was really excited about the virtual spirit week because it was my last Homecoming week at Summit and I just wanted to try and recreate that excitement for fall sports and the Homecoming dance, even though some things could not take place,” Lauren Perone said.

Senior Gloria Kuebee said she participated in the virtual spirit week because it was her last Homecoming.

“I decided to still dress up for the spirit days even though it was at home. Regardless if it was just on Zoom I was still excited and I’m glad that I could do something to celebrate my last Homecoming week,” Kuebee said.

While many students looked forward to the events, others did not. Senior Lul Abud said she didn’t take part in the occasion because it didn’t feel the same.

“No one wants to put on an outfit just to sit in front of a screen all day, it’s not the same feeling as having one in person,” Abud said.