Use of Canvas met with mixed reception

Ruth Vogel, Photo Editor

As the school year continues, many students and staff have developed different perspectives about Canvas. 

The website allows students in the district to submit assignments, access Zoom links, as well as aiding teachers in grading.  Canvas has been a tool newly available this year, and debate has been sparked on if Canvas is a step forward or a step back from the previously used Google Classroom. Senior Caleb Messerly said the layout of the site is helpful when completing schoolwork.

“I like how the assignments are organized by modules or units in Canvas; it is easier to stay up to date with assignments,” Messerly said.

Language Arts teacher Jonathan Frank said he is a fan of the site; it allows him to be more creative as an educator.

“The utility and versatility of Canvas does so much and has really allowed me to tap into my imagination as a teacher,” Frank said.

While the organization may have its benefits, it also does cause some conflict. Sophomore Annika Gabel said that she struggles accessing her work and keeping up to date due to the layout of Canvas.

“It is hard to see if you have missing assignments,” Gabel said.

With Canvas, there are many different tabs, thus making it difficult for some to navigate the website. Math teacher Gayle Piepho said that this aspect can be frustrating when uploading important assignments and grades.

“It seems to take at least six clicks to do anything,” Piepho said.

Art teacher Mindy Murek said that overall, it is simply a process to adjust to using Canvas. 

“Many students are still learning how to use it, but we are all getting better and learning new things about it everyday,” Murek said.