New Volleyball Coach

This 2022-23 school year, Rockwood Summit has obtained many new students, teachers, and coaches.

Former Summit student and assistant coach Courtnery Stemmler returned to Summit this year as the head varsity girls volleyball coach. Stemmler said she’s happy to be back.
“No bad impressions; the kids are very open, very accepting. And all the little facilities that I’ve come across, they’re also very open armed, accepting, welcoming back, and excited. The players especially have a lot of drive and I can see that they want to learn, so that’s also a good impression.” Stemmler said.

In the past, she worked as a fourth and fifth grade teacher, but has always maintained her volleyball career. Stemmler said she has always wanted to work with students and said she tries to understand them on a personal level.

“[I maintain relationships with players] usually by the understanding that as long as they come to me with respect and empathy, that’s what I treat them with as well. I try to keep that open line of communication and I think once they understand the new coach isn’t a big bad scary person, then they get comfortable and you can make them feel like their people. That is how you get that trust and respect in return,” Stemmler said.