Falcons topple Longhorns

With a score of 5-1, the soccer team beat the Longhorns at Parkway West on October 18.

Soccer Coach Tom Wade said that playing this rivalry is always challenging because of the Longhorn’s determination to beat them.

“Whenever we play Parkway West, it’s a huge game for them. They want to try to beat us just because it’s been such a lopsided history and we have to match that energy,” Wade said.

The first goal of the match was scored by Parkway West’s Christian Flemming at 20:51. Junior Austin Conger said that he wasn’t worried when the team fell behind because, even though Parkway West had good throw-ins and corner kicks, the game was far from over and he knew the team would be able to recover.

“The biggest challenges that we faced against them were their throw-ins and corners and that’s how we conceded, but after the goal we figured it out and were able to shut them down,” Conger said. “I was not worried because I know there was plenty of time and I knew we were capable of coming back very easily”

The Falcons were able to tie the game with a goal from senior Landin Hoyle at 19:31. Conger’s goal at 18:26 then gave them a 2-1 lead. Wade said he was impressed with their quickness in scoring again.

“We gave up a goal, and then that woke us up. Within 2 to 3 minutes [of Flemming’s goal] we scored, and then we scored again right after that, so I was just proud of the response they had after going down a goal,” Wade said.

After a goal from Sam Laaker at 5:16, the Falcons had a 3-1 lead at half time. Senior Tyler Bayes said that for the second half, the team’s goal was to tire down the Longhorns and gain more control of the ball.

“Going into the second half our goal was to keep up the pressure and just make them not want to compete anymore. The only thing we looked to change was to possess the ball a bit more,”

In the second half, Hoyle scored his second goal at 25:56, with Conger following at 24:25, for a final score of 5-1.

Their 12th win of the season solidified the team’s second place ranking in the Class 3 District 2 division, but coach Tom Wade said that a loss against Parkway West could have resulted in a change of standings.

“We needed to get that win so we could secure the number two seed in the district. Webster is the number one seed, if we would’ve lost that game, Parkway West could’ve been number two.”

Overall, Conger said that the team is happy with their win, but believes they can do better in postseason.

“We are satisfied with coming out and getting a big win but our team and coaches know we are capable of much better things and that is something we are going to find and work on before playoffs,” Conger said.