New club teaches students about fashion and thrifting

The new fashion club allows students to learn about fashion and thrifting every other Wednesday during the 2nd session of AcLab.

The sponsor of the club is FACS teacher Allie Tunnicliff. She said she wanted to provide students with a place where they could be able to explore fashion at school.

“I wanted to be the sponsor to provide students with a place they could express themselves,” Tunnicliff said.

The club’s president junior Analusia Gonzalez said she wanted to make the club because she wanted to teach other students about fashion and hopefully give some advice to some of the members in the club.

“I wanted to spread not only my knowledge but [also my] advice and pointers on being a fashionista,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez also said that at the meetings they speak a lot about thrifting and also learn about past trends and histories of different things that all include fashion.

“This club entails my long list of tips and tricks in fashion like thrifting, not only that but just a deep look and dive into the histories in fashion and the fashion industry,” Gonzalez said.

The co-president sophomore Mariam Sediqui said she is glad the club is here because she said it allows students to have a place they can talk about what they are all passionate about and makes their self esteem greater.

“I’m happy it’s here at Summit because it gives students a getaway to talk about something they love and I believe it’s necessary [because] it helps give many students confidence,” Sediqui said.

Tunnicliff said she believes that self expression is compulsory for all students to have confidence and self worth. She said if we wear something we love it will help us feel better about ourselves.

“I think self expression is a necessary part of understanding your self worth. Wearing an outfit that you love can totally boost your mood and productivity. When you look good, you feel good,” Tunnicliff said.

She also said that she thinks anyone who enjoys fashion would like this club and that there isn’t just one type of student that would enjoy the club.

“I think students interested in fashion and thrifting would enjoy this club. I don’t know if that is just one ‘type’ of student. Who doesn’t like to look good? Especially if you can do it inexpensively,” Tunnicliff said.