Two girls play hockey through school, club

This 2022-2023 hockey season, two girls will be joining the team, swinging for JV and Varsity.

Sophomore Tegan Konecnik and freshman Lorelei Green have both been playing hockey since they were very young. During the off-season, Konecnik plays for the St. Louis AAA 19u, and Green plays for the St Louis AAA Blues 14u. Green said that she has enjoyed playing for a high school team but she feels that it’s unlike playing on her usual team because there is a lot more contact between players.

“It’s been a really fun experience and it’s a lot different than playing with a girls team since there’s a lot more physical [contact] and everything,” Green said.

Konecnik said that she enjoys the structure of the game and the fact that it’s rougher because it encourages her to become a better player since it’s not what she’s used to doing on her usual team.

“I like the overall play of the game and I like how it’s more physical than playing with girls because it’s going to push me and [Green] to be better players because it’s a different experience,” Konecnik said.

Green said that the movement of the game is faster than what she is used to with a girls team and that she has to stay focused so she can execute the best plays during a game.

“The pace of the game is a lot better and it’s a lot quicker than the girls’ side but also you have to make sure to keep your head up more in order to make the right plays,” Green said.

Konecnik said that now that she’s playing with a boys team instead of a girls team, the pace of the game feels different to her since she’s used to the pace of games on her usual team.

“I’ve always played against boys and always with the girls team but it’s different actually playing with the boys but I would just say the speed [of the game] is different,” Konecnik said.

Green said that she feels like she doesn’t have as close of a relationship with the team because she doesn’t spend as much time with them since she is only with them while they are at practice or games.

“The only thing different is not necessarily being as close with the team because with girls you get changed with the girls versus the boys you’re only on the ice with them for practice and the games,” Green said.