Silver Stars take on Nationals at Disney


The Silver Stars gather in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World. The dance team competed in the National competition in Orlando, Florida. (Photo used with permission by Erin Taylor)

Matia Puljic, Sports Editor

The Silver Stars flew to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on Feb. 1 to compete in the national competition.

Despite their efforts, they did not place in the competition. Instead, they received valuable feedback that will help the team improve their routines for the future. Head coach Erin Taylor said that the competition is a crucial part of the season, as the team uses these opportunities to correct mistakes.

“We pushed ourselves to improve all of our routines this season from last year. Nothing went ‘wrong,’ just experiences to learn from and improve for the rest of our season and moving into future years,” Taylor said.

“The feedback we got from Nationals gives us opportunities to make little changes and adjustments to put our best foot forward at State. We take in every critique all year to make our dances the best they can be each time we step on the floor.”

Junior Jordan Stevener said that the team overcame many obstacles by supporting one another, leading them to perform to the best of their abilities.

“I think Nationals went really well because we pushed ourselves to do our best and I know all of the girls are extremely proud of one another. Nationals is something all of us look forward to the entire year and I think coming into the competition prepared and confident definitely helped us perform our very best,” Stevener said.

“I think the encouraging and positive atmosphere we created as a team by constantly cheering each other on helped us push through our challenges.”

Likewise, sophomore Allie Cross said that the whole team is satisfied with their performances despite not placing. Cross said that the comments the judges gave will only improve the team for the future.

“Although the score sheets did not give us the outcome that we would have hoped for, we were still very proud of our dances,” Cross said. “We get critiques from national [judges] though, that let us get specific things we can work on before state.”

All in all, Stevener said the team left the competition feeling connected as well as setting new standards for the rest of the season.

“Each year nationals is a bonding experience for all the girls and I think this truly helps us prepare for state. It allows us to set new goals and strive to achieve them,” Stevener said.