Students play in tournaments during AcLab


Audrey DaVault

During the AcLab bags tournament, junior Grant Gibson launches his bag. The P.E. department hosts AcLab tournaments for a different sport every month.

During Ac-Lab, students can sign up with PE teachers to participate in a new tournament each month.

PE teacher Jason Schneider said that the Ac-Lab tournaments began because the PE department wanted to provide students with opportunities to participate in fun competitions.

“The department wanted to do something fun for people who like to go ahead and do tournaments, be competitive, and have a little fun,” Schneider said.

Senior Maria Scotti said that she enjoyed doing an activity with her friends during Ac-Lab because it gives her a chance to do something new.

“I liked being with a lot of friends and doing something fun and different instead of sitting in a quiet room when I rarely have homework to do during Ac-Lab,” Scotti said.

Schneider says that they will offer many different sports for students to try and familiarize them with new games

“This month in November is bags and that is [with] Coach Hulvey, and then we do basketball, we got volleyball, pickleball, and badminton in there, so some of it like pickleball we wanted to expose more people to it because it’s a great game,” Schneider said.

Scotti said that she was anticipating the tournament to be an exciting competition with her friends but was disappointed that it didn’t last two Ac-Lab sessions.

“I was expecting a fun game with a lot of my friends that was also competitive at the same time, and that’s exactly what it was. The only thing I didn’t like is that I wish it could’ve lasted both sessions instead of just one session,” Scotti said.

Schneider said that they organize the order of the tournament by the weather so they can play outside or inside accordingly.

“We try to keep it somewhat for the outside ones earlier in the year, like softball we wanted to play it outside and bags would be ideally outside but the weather could be changing so we can bring it in, and then in March for March madness we do basketball,” Schneider said.