JRob becomes Teacher of the Year


Raghed Hadi

Math teacher Jamie Robertson holds up the Teacher of the Year sign. Robertson was surprised with the award during sixth hour on Feb. 21.

Math teacher Jamie Robertson was named Teacher of the Year for 2023-2024 on Feb. 21.

Robertson, known as “JRob” to her fellow students and teachers, said she was ecstatic to receive the reward, and wasn’t expecting it because many great teachers were in consideration.

“There’s a lot of amazing teachers that were nominated, so I thought it could be anybody’s game. [When I found out], I felt overwhelmed but excited,” Robertson said.

One of Robertson’s students, senior Craigisha Scott, said the kind approach she takes not only improves her teaching style, but also makes her classroom a place where students can feel safe.

“She’s really nice and she teaches really well and I learn best from her. She teaches differently from other teachers. I have had other teachers in the building and she is the best math teacher I have had,” Scott said. “[I feel] good and comfortable [when I come into class]. It’s just homey and she makes me feel good. She’s like a best friend and a teacher.”

Assistant principal Kelly Mignerone said as a department chair, Robertson is the first to volunteer to help others, and she maintains a positive environment which allows students to thrive.

“She is always helping and guiding the math department because she is the department chair and she is always so willing to step in and help in other departments and she’s been around for a long time so she feels comfortable stepping in and helping others,” Mignerone said. “She is always very happy and wants everyone to feel welcome in her classroom. I have never seen her in a bad mood and [she just] really wants kids to feel that they can come [to] her class and learn and she really does try to make sure that students have all kinds of ways to learn in her class.”

Robertson said her approach is rooted in kindness, as she always strives to better the lives of the students she teaches.

“I wanted to make a positive impact on students. It wasn’t necessarily about math, I just wanted to be a positive influence in young people’s lives,” Robertson said. “[My approach to teaching] is to be kind and treat others with respect and you usually get it back and build relationships. Again, I love math but I think you can get a lot further with students if you are just kind to them and get to know them.”

Senior Liam Rich, who has had Robertson for multiple years, said she makes the content comprehensible and helps him end his day on a great note.

“I am really excited for her. I have had her since junior year and she really has helped me in math and has been the best math teacher I have ever had. The way she structures her lessons [makes them] really easy to understand. I feel comfortable and it’s always a good way for me to finish out my day,” Rich said.