Calendar shifts for 2023-2024 school year

Audrey DaVault, Layout Editor

The Rockwood Board of Education approved the calendar changes for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. The end of the school year will be moved up to May 24, 2024. Principal Emily McCown said the change was largely due to the request of parents and teachers, as they preferred to get out before Memorial Day.

Sophomore Chloe Kraus said she is relieved she gets out before Memorial Day.

“I always go on a Memorial Day weekend trip to Table Rock Lake, and when we used to get out before Memorial Day, it was great and a perfect way to start the summer. The trip was not as fun when I knew that I still had another week of school to finish when I got back. I think this will be a big stress relief for students because a lot of people go out of town for memorial day. I am really looking forward to this change next year,” Kraus said.

Although the calendar shows the students are going back to school in late August and somehow still getting out in early May, McCown said it is because of Missouri’s guidelines.

“The state legislation says that we can only start [14] days before Labor Day. We start the earliest that we can, Aug. 21,” McCown said.

For Kraus, she said she is happy they are still returning in late August.

“I am excited to go back to school late. I think we all feel like summer goes by very quickly, and just having a little bit more time off is something to look forward to at the end of summer,” Kraus said.

As for breaks, McCown said this revision will not disturb winter or spring break.

“It will not affect any breaks. We will still be ending the semester after winter break. I know people will prefer not to do that, but right now that is still where we are ending things. Although, the rest of the traditional breaks are still in the same spot. We took out 2 days from the first semester and maybe one day from the second semester, so they still balance date-wise,” McCown said.

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“They ([the school district] got feedback from teachers and parents, and the results came back that they wanted to try to get out before Memorial Day. So, they took out three of the staff development days and pushed those days to back-to-school time and summer time for teachers to do that work. That way, we could move up the end date by three days,” McCown said.

Freshman Leeann Lalumondiere said finishing the first semester after winter break is very difficult because it is harder to remember everything she was taught.

“The first semester ending after winter break is kind of a pain. During the break, no one is going to study or even open their book bag. Everything we learned the week before is going to be forgotten. Then, we have to come back to finals and tests over things we barely remember. I would rather just get the semester over with before break and then have time to relax,” Lalumondiere said.

For ending the first semester before winter break, McCown said this is progression.

“I think it will be good to get out on Memorial Day, but ultimately I would like to see us find a way to end the semester before winter break too, but we haven’t figured that one out quite yet. I think this is a step in the right direction that will be helpful for kids, families, and staff,” McCown said.

For Lalumondiere, she said getting out before Memorial Day will give her more time to enjoy the weather.

“I am so excited about the calendar change because we are out of school at the best time of the year with the best weather. It feels like we are getting a longer summer and more time to relax. I hope that the school keeps this new calendar schedule instead of the old one,” Lalumondiere said.

Kraus said she is hopeful she and others will enjoy the revised calendar.

“Overall, I am very happy and excited about this change, although it’s not happening this year, it’ll be something loved by myself and the community next year,” Kraus said.