Girls take 3rd in Districts, advance to State

Matia Puljic, Sports Editors


The girls wrestling team placed 3rd out of 44 teams at the District 1 tournament at Lafayette on Feb 7.

The team had three state qualifications: sophomore Chaire Perks, who placed 3rd at Districts; freshman Madeline Haynes, who placed 1st at Districts; and senior Jaylah Walker, who placed 2nd at Districts. 

Assistant coach Jonathan Bunyard says that he is very happy with the results at Districts, and he is proud of everyone’s work, whether they placed or not. 

“I am very happy, but I will admit I am a little bit unsatisfied. I always want more; we placed higher than we’ve ever placed in the career of the girl’s wrestling program at districts. We placed 5 or 6 places higher than we placed last year, so we did really well, we finished top three, we placed third. know deep down inside that our girls had it in them to finish top two [and get the plaque],” said Bunyard. “They did what we asked them to, they were wrestling their best matches at districts. Each one of them went out there and wrestled their best match of the season, their last time they were out there. I think about a girl like sophomore Aisha Hussein, who had to wrestle up a weight class, and was wrestling girls 30 lbs heavier than her. She didn’t win a match [at districts] at all last year, she went 0-2. This year, she placed third in a few tournaments and she went and won two matches at districts and was very close to being in that match to qualify for state. So, I think about girls like her who really have come a long way, and then other girls; we were very senior-heavy, besides [Perks and Haynes], I think about all of our seniors, giving their max effort to score as many points possible for the team, and then [Perks and Haynes] setting the tone for what we’re going to have in the future.”

Walker says she is content with her results at districts, and she is very pleased to be moving on to State. Although she has never gone, this won’t stop her, she says.

“I’m very proud of my results- and I think that I’m peaking at the right time in my wrestling career. I think that I can improve on my stains. I get super gassed, supper quick,” said Walker. “I’m scared [because] I’ve never been, I don’t know, I’m making history here; I hope that I can make it far, it’s super intimidating. I think that my focus at state is taking it one match at a time and not worrying, because I’ve never wrestled these girls before because they’re from different parts of Missouri. So taking it one match at a time and not getting too in my head about anything, and just wrestling the way that I usually do.”

Haynes says that she is delighted with her results at the meet. State is also a first for Haynes. She said she won’t let her nerves get to her. She plans to do some more work coming up to State so she can be more prepared.

“I’m happy with [my results at districts],” said Haynes.  “I’m excited. I think that the first two days will be easier, then the third one will be the finals, and that will be hard. [To prepare], I’m going to practices, reviewing my matches, and I will sometimes practice with my brother at home.”

Additionally, Coach Bunyard says that he expects good things to come out of state for the Falcons. 

“I think that all three of them have the potential to medal at state. I really think that all three of them have the potential to be in the finals. If you put three girls in the finals, based on how [many] team points they give you, now we’re not looking at top 10, we’re looking at maybe top five,” said Bunyard.  “I expect all three of them to come home with some hardware.”