Key club makes a mid-year comeback

Taya Abraham, Feature Editor

Key Club made its return on Feb. 23 with its first club meeting after being on hold since last school year. 

The previous club sponsor, language arts teacher Andrea Missey, moved away at the end of last year, leaving Key Club without a new sponsor. Co-president senior Jessica Reini said that the search for a new club sponsor has been going on since the beginning of the school year. 

“Key Club was started at Summit my sophomore year, but we unfortunately did not have a sponsor this year. We had been looking for one since the beginning of the school year, and thankfully [language arts teacher Kristen] Mater agreed to sponsor us,” Reini said. 

Previously, Mater has sponsored clubs such as Student Council (STUCO), a Creative Writing Club, and the Zen Den, a past club focused on meditation. She said that she accepted the role as Key Club’s sponsor due to her love for community service. 

“I agreed to be the sponsor because community service has always been a passion of mine. When I was in high school at Nerinx Hall, we had a club called Outreach that was all about service, and it was amazing. I really loved it 

and was able to engage in some very eye-opening experiences,” Mater said. “I wanted to help give our students that opportunity to be a part of something bigger, where they can not only help others but also help themselves become compassionate leaders. As the sponsor, I feel I am simply here to be a sounding board for ideas and a facilitator for projects and opportunities. I plan on sponsoring the club next year.”

The first meeting was held during Flex in Mater’s room (room 151) with 19 participants. Co-president senior Ethan Holtzman said they will hold monthly meetings, informing the members of service ideas and ending the meeting with a service project. 

“We will have meetings probably once a month to talk about new service opportunities for the club. At the end of the meeting, we will do an activity, which is usually like writing cards to first responders, teachers, or anyone else who may need some encouragement,” Holtzman said. “Our plans for this upcoming year are to get the club back on its feet and make sure that it will be operational for years to come. We also hope to get our members to participate in service whether it be for Summit or out into the community.” 

In order to join, people must fill out a form agreeing to complete 25 service hours for the year. However, with only three months left this school year, the club is requiring a minimum of four service hours. There are also dues required for members, which are usually 30 dollars, but the club is also not requiring members to pay the dues this year. For more information, contact Mater ([email protected]), Reini ([email protected]), or Holtzman ([email protected]).