Strive for a five!

Study skills for AP tests

Taylor Spencer, News Editor

As AP exam season steadily approaches, many students are beginning to get ready.

For this year’s AP exams, testing coordinator Jennifer Kottman said the College Board will be returning to an entirely in-person format, as opposed to last year, where some tests were in person and others were online.

“As of now, [all of the AP exams] will be in person at Summit, paper-pencil traditional exams,” Kottman said.

There are numerous different resources students may utilize, whether that be resources provided by teachers or outside resources, such as test books students purchase themselves. However, teachers often have recommended ways for their students to study. Physics teacher Angela Schneider said that in addition to studying with the review given in class, physics students should utilize the review resources provided on AP Classroom.

“We do a lot of in class review. There’s a lot of stuff on AP Classroom to use, work through practice I give you and work on the weak areas. I give students a diagnostic test and a huge review packet, but that is for [students] to figure out where [they] need to review and then work on that,” Schneider said.

Kottman said in order to prepare for these exams, students should follow their teachers’ respective review guidelines, but they can also utilize the resources available on AP Classroom.

The best resource [for students] is to follow the review that each AP teacher is providing because most of them have experience with what is going to be on the exams, with grading the exams, and with how students can best prepare. Every student joins the AP Online Classroom and they have the account, and in that account there are review resources. There’s also, on Youtube, it’s created by the college board, there are review videos that. It’ll be available this spring before the exams, and you can watch the videos on demand. You don’t have to stream them live, and they will cover every unit that was covered in the course so that you can go back and review.” Kottman said.

Junior Elaine Duan said in order to receive a 5 on her AP World History exam, she purchased a review book.

“I got one of the [review] books, and I studied a lot for the exam,” Duan said.