Students explore summer job options


Students can scan this QR code to find jobs hiring and in the area. (Created by teacher, Laurie Philipp)

Raghed Hadi, Photo Editor

CCE teacher Laurie Philipp helps students apply to jobs. Philipp said she inspires teens to begin making their mark in the workplace.

“I had a lot of jobs when I was in high school, so now it gives me the ability to tell my students about them and not only encourage them but also be able to give them guidance. I think one of the things I learned was that you can move up in any job as long as you do the best job that you can do it isn’t hard to be successful,” Philipp said. One of Phillipp’s former students, sophomore Ryan Kline recently obtained a job through her help. Set up in the front of the room, Philipp has a QR code with hiring jobs and how to apply. Through this process, Kline has just gained his first job and said he’s working towards getting experience and hoping to make money for a new car. He said he advises students to act maturely throughout the entire interviewing process.

“It was pretty easy to get the job, the only tip I have is to just be as professional as possible and be nice to everyone you meet because you’re being interviewed from the time you get there to the time you walk out,” Kline said.

Learning how to come across well in an interview is a skill used commonly. Senior Sheri Owens believes the skills she made at her first job are still used today.

“Walking into my first job interview gave me a lot of anxiety. I was a really introverted person when it came to people I didn’t know. But the experience I got, especially with my coworkers, made me more and more comfortable to speak out today and made me a lot more open to rejection.” Owens said. Exemplifying the goal of Philipp’s exactly.

“(It’s important for kids have summer jobs.) because it gives them something to learn from. Especially for applications or applying to college, it’s important they have something to do over the summer to build their resume and get ready for the future,” Philipp said. Giving teens the opportunity to explore their worth ethic, learn time management, and build motivation. School gives students a chance to feel success, but in a work environment kids are forced to engage in networking and application.