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The systematic abuse of children
Skylar Holtgrewe, News Editor • May 17, 2024
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The Sun sets on Senior Year
Emery Gregston, Sports Editor • May 15, 2024
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Freshman Maddeson Chonech attempts to divert the ball from Lauren Shuert (17) of Marquette. The girls lost to Marquette 2-0 on April 22 and went on to defeat Fort Zumwalt
Girls soccer takes down Bulldogs
Abby Glenn, Social Media Editor • May 3, 2024
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Posing with their medals, FBLA celebrates their victories at
districts. The District Leadership Conference took place on Feb. 7
at St. Louis University. (photo used with permission by Laurie Philipp)
FBLA performs well at district competition
Sonya Phillips, Business Manager • May 3, 2024
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Staff members say goodbye to Summit
Mariam Sedeiqi May 3, 2024
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Creating your own path through high school

Everyone has ‘footsteps’ that they follow throughout high school. Whether it’s from your parents or siblings or a loved one, we all have something that we ‘need to imitate’, but why? And are they even footsteps you want to pursue or just pressure from your family or peers? I think every student needs to find their own way and not try to fit in with the rest. Being pressured is such a difficult experience that everyone goes through at least once in high school. Everyone wants to be ‘popular,’ but honestly who cares? I would much rather have five close friends than 20 who genuinely don’t care about me. I would rather fit in with my friends than feel left out by a group of people. When I was a freshman I remember looking up to the seniors but not in the best ways. They always seemed so mature and just seemed put together. To me that’s something good to look up to, something that will guide you in a good way and not in ways that will change you for the worse. For me I always looked up to my sisters, they both always seemed to know what they were doing and what they wanted to do even though I had and still have no idea what I want to do, they were there for me to look up to and get good influence from. I think everyone needs mentors like that even if it’s not from family or friends. Now with families that’s a whole different story. from a young
age, we were guided by our loved ones, we always ‘wanted to be just like mom or dad,’ but in reality, do we really? Think of it this way: they’ve given us everything we know and want since we were born which I guess is what makes them think they can choose our future for us, but really they are just helping us to achieve our goals which are most likely completely different than what they want for us, and that’s okay. We need to eventually be the bigger person and get our lives together, and still let them know we couldn’t have done it without them. The best way to get through high school is to first find a good group of friends, people who really understand you and you understand them. Make sure you don’t feel judged by them and they bring out the good in you. Also,
just be yourself. Don’t worry about the current trends going on or what others are doing, You need to be you, and let yourself grow. Try new things like a new sport or club, let yourself expand and do things you’ve never done before. Obviously do smart things and dont let people peer pressure you into trying things you dont want to. Dont stress to much over little things, dont let them get in your head and distract you from succeeding. Especially if its over a test or quiz, we have Ac-Lab for a reason and I suggest to use those to your full capability because they really are just such a
great tool that have helped me prepare and retake tests or quizzes so I wasn’t stressed out. Finally, dont worry about the future and things like college. Focus on becoming your true self and preparing yourself for the future. Use the first three years of high school to live life, experience new things, and help yourself. Be good to yourself and everyone around you.

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Abby Glenn, Social Media Editor
Class of 2025 Time on staff: 1 year Favorite song: "Dawns" by Zach Bryan Favorite memory in newspaper: My favorite memory so far is getting wing stop at a stay late instead of pizza and stealing all of the ranch.

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