Wordle becomes new daily craze for school

Students, teachers find different ways to play word game

Madison Springett, Of The Talon staff

Wordle is a word strategy or guessing game that can be played once a day, The New York Times took ownership of Wordle at the end of January. Everyday, everyone gets a new five letter word, and there is a limit of six guesses to figure out what the word of the day is. Each time a word is guessed, it will let the user know if they have the right letter in the right spot, a correct letter in the wrong spot, or if that letter is not in the word at all.  

Sophomore Jenna Elmore said that she not only plays The New York Times wordle, but she also plays a Taylor Swift themed Wordle. 

“I [also] play Taylordle, which is the same thing as regular Wordle but with words that have something to do with Taylor Swift. Past words have been ‘speak’ and ‘space’ like her album Speak Now and her song ‘Blank Space,’” Elmore said. 

Likewise, Sophomore Courtney Lampen  plays the Taylor Swift themed Wordle, but she enjoys playing a math version of Wordle as well. 

“I  do play other Wordle games, I play Nerdle and Taylordle. Although Nerdle doesn’t keep a streak, it’s still fun,” Lampen said.  

Nerdle is like Wordle but it uses numbers instead of letters. The player makes equations, and if the numbers or symbols are in the correct spot, it turns a greenish- blue color. If the number or symbol is used but not in the correct spot, it will turn a purple color. 

Freshman Sonya Phillips said she likes to play Wordle because it’s a challenge every day and she said that she plays Taylordle and Quordle as well. 

“I like playing Wordle because it’s like a challenge since there’s a new one every day and I like to compete with my friends. I also play the Taylordle which is Taylor Swift words and sometimes Quordle which is 4 Wordles at the same time,” Phillips said. 

Quordle is just like Wordle but you are guessing four five letter words at once, just like Wordle when it’s the right letter in the right spot it turns green and it turns yellow when it’s not in the right spot but in the word, the only difference is you get nine tries.  

People like to play Wordle for a variety of reasons, including its puzzle-like qualities, the different strategies people can try and the things that Wordle reminds people of. Math teacher Thomas Cassilly said he likes to play Wordle because it reminds him of spending time with family and because it is not nerve-racking. 

“I play it because it’s a good puzzle. I like puzzle games where there’s no time element like racing against the clock because it’s less stressful. If I get stuck I’ll usually let it sit for a couple of hours and come back to it later,” Cassilly said. “There’s an old game show called “Lingo” that I used to watch with my grandparents when I visited them, and it’s basically the same exact thing as wordle, so playing it reminds me of that.” 

People were introduced to Wordle in different ways. Language Arts teacher Katherine McLaughlin said that she saw many people talking about it online and once she started playing it, she was hooked. 

“I jumped on the Wordle bandwagon once everyone was talking about it on the internet, and my friends and I became hooked and started sharing our scores with each other, ” McLaughlin said.

Senior Brenden Duff said he likes to play Wordle because it’s something he looks forward to everyday. He started playing Wordle because he heard people talking about it and thought it looked fun.

“I love Wordle, for me it’s a nice little thing to look forward to each day and it makes me challenge myself to see how fast I can get the word. I kind of use it as a motivation method. I was introduced to Wordle by just hearing everyone talk about it and then I saw my friends playing it and I thought it looked fun so I decided to hop on the trend.” Duff said.