Students with teacher parents

For most students, school provides a break from their family at home. But there are a handful of students that don’t get a break from their parents because their parents are teachers.

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  • Associate principal Thomas Potteiger with his daughter and son Mary and Micheal Potteiger

  • Counselor David Schroll with his daughter Ella Schroll

  • Spanish teacher Kim Lackey with her son Abbott Lackey

  • Math teacher Nate Hardee with his son Zach Hardee

  • Math teacher Jamie Robertson with her son Charlie Robertson

  • English teacher Elizabeth Kelley-Hirata with her daughter Sofia Hirata

  • English teacher Jennifer Perone with her daughter Natalie Perone

  • English teacher Mark Gulath with his son Ethan Gulath

  • History teacher Thomas Wade with his son Evan Wade

  • Hall monitor Laura Hill with her son Shane Conner

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Freshman Mary Kate Cunniff said having a parent at school doesn’t bother her and she thinks there are positives to her father being at school with her.

“It personally doesn’t bug me having a parent with me at school. There are definitely a lot of advantages when it comes to having him there with me which is nice,” Cunniff said.

She said one of the benefits of her father being at school is getting to come early. She said coming early allows her to get her work done and also ask her teachers for help.

“I find it nice getting to school earlier than the rest of the school. I get around 30 minutes of free time to ask any teachers that are there for help and just get any work I need to finish done,” Cunniff said.

Sophomore Sofia Hirata’s mother works at the school too. She said a downside to her mother working there is she feels like she always has to try her very best since her mother has access to everything and views assignments on a daily basis.

“A disadvantage is that she can see everything and cares a lot about my grades and assignments so I have to always do my very best,” Hirata said.

Hirata said she feels like nothing changes with her working there and it is normal for her especially since she doesn’t run into her mom throughout the school day.

“Personally, I feel pretty normal having my mom work here. It doesn’t really change anything since I don’t see her much during the day,” Hirata said.

Freshman Nika Gilbert said she feels strange with her dad at school because she knows he can see her throughout the day.

“It definitely feels weird having my dad right around the corner and knowing that he can check in on me at any time during school,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said she is accustomed to her parents at school since her mom is also a teacher. She said her mom worked where she went to elementary school and so it’s not a new thing for her.

“My mom is a kindergarten teacher where I went to elementary school so I am used to it. However, I did enjoy the break from my parents in middle school,” Gilbert said.

Cunniff, on the other hand, said she feels more pressure with her father working here, but sees it in a positive way since she said it will help her in the future. She said it keeps her trying her best, and doesn’t think of it as stressful.

“Having him here does give an extra layer of pressure and expectations but I think in the long run that’s probably a good thing which could not only potentially prepare me more for the future but it always keeps me at my best which I think is important. It’s not an overwhelming pressure though,” Cunniff said.

Gilbert said she isn’t affected when she hears negative comments about her father and she tends to ignore them. She said she understands everyone has different opinions about her dad and at times she feels like she can relate to them.

“If someone says something negative about my dad I would probably just ignore them. He is a high school teacher which means not everyone is going to like him and I can totally relate to how they feel when he lectures me,” Gilbert said.

Junior Natalie Perone has her mother as a language arts teacher. She said she enjoys her mom being at school every day because she feels like she has a place to go throughout the day and someone she knows she can count on.

“I like having my mom here with me every day because I feel like I always have somewhere to go or someone to talk to,” Perone said.

Cunniff said she thinks that the advantages of having a parent here are better than any cons and she is liking her time here at school.

“Overall, I don’t dislike having my dad as a teacher [here]. I personally find the pros outnumber the cons and I really enjoy being [here],” Cunniff said.

Other students whose parents work at school include Evan Wade, Mary Potteiger, Michael Potteiger, Ethan Gulath, Troy Owens, Teddy Williams, Carter Williams, Roman Gilbert, Ella Schroll, Abbott Lackey, Zach Hardee, Rylee Hausman, Mia Brown, Ethan Feig, Shane Conner, Charlie Robertson, Allison Moonier, and Wyatt Schneider.