Ski club returns to the slopes

Chloe Ceballos, Of The Talon staff

While skiing might not come to mind when thinking of Missouri weather, Hidden Valley Ski Resort brings the mountains to Missouri, allowing the ski club to form. Due to COVID-19, the club did not meet last school year. However, students are now allowed back, hitting the slopes in the winter months. 

Unlike typical clubs who meet before or after school or during flex time, Ski club members meet at Hidden Valley. Teacher sponsor Jessica Hoban said that info on group times and days are per Hidden Valley. 

“Club members go on the days [Wednesdays or Thursdays] that our group is scheduled from 6-8pm. This is all planned by Hidden Valley, and they tell you when they are open or closed due to weather. The club only runs from January to the beginning of March,” Hoban said.

Members get a discount on their ski pass, but can only go on days the club is allowed. If they go on a different day, they will have to pay full cost for a day pass, which prices at $35-$55. Former club president, Senior Grace Bailey said that she has been a member for years and loves the opportunities it provides.

“I’ve bought a pass through ski club since middle school. Passes include rentals, skiing or snowboarding once a week, and a free lesson. It’s a great deal,” Bailey said.

Senior Noah Philpot, said he joined a couple years ago and took advantage of the free lessons.

“I’ve been part of the ski club since my sophomore year. I learned to ski at Hidden Valley [through Ski Club], so it’s been part of my life for a couple years now,” Philpot said.

Bailey also said that the ski club has allowed her to learn new snow skills.

“I’ve grown up skiing and always loved being outside. I picked up snowboarding my sophomore year and i’ll never go back,” Bailey said.

Along with these opportunities, senior Drew Guidorzi said it brings connection between the club members to come together and enjoy the sport.

“I joined the Ski Club to be with my friends and to have a good time at Hidden Valley. I like snowboarding and snow sports. This was my first time actually doing that on snow [snowboarding], but I wakeboard and ski on the water a lot,” Guidorzi siad.

Although Hidden Valley closes for the season on March 21, this club provides chances for learning and fun with friends. The club will begin to meet again once the resort reopens next winter. Bailey said she advocates for the club and joining comes with many positives.

“I cannot recommend Ski Club enough. It’s a great way to stay in shape, meet new people, and learn a lifetime skill. It’s a good time,” Bailey said.